Review of Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison #2

“I am loyal only to the Emperor and to you.”

***Contains Spoilers***

At the end of the last issue the Imperial Center was in a state of chaos. Academy cadets were leading an assault against Coruscant. Our young narrator, newly graduated Lt. Laurita Tohm had just found out that his “friends” were leading this insurrection. He also discovered that one of his heroes, General Gentris was the ring leader. His dying friend begs Tohm to join them, instead Tohm shoots and kills his friend. Seeing this act of loyalty to the Empire Darth Vader takes Tohm with him to see the status of the Emperor.

When they get to the Emperor’s palace they discover numerous dead bodies. Fortunately Tohm has his breather from the fighter. The rebels had released a gas containing a necrotic virus that liquefies lungs in minutes. The Emperor is alive, but weakened. He is only alive due to his use of the Force. Keeping watch over him is Moff Trachta. Trachta is alive due to cybernetic implants he received after he was gravely wounded during the Clone Wars. He is one of the Emperor’s chief Lieutenants.

They fall back to an experimental stealth transport and try to decide their next move. The Emperor is too weak to do anything and they are not sure who in the military they can trust. Tohm suggests finding a location that the Imperial military has no knowledge of. Vader leads them to the Jedi Temple and takes Tohm up to the Jedi Council chambers and begins a holorecording of a younger Anakin Skywalker asking the Council about missing prisoners.

This was another great issue. Haden Blackman did a great job of writing a story that takes place in a familiar setting with well established characters while also introducing new faces and making it all blend together. THe story is quickly paced and leaves me wanting more. Agustin Alessio’s artwork is equally as impressive. I especially liked the scenes of Vader, Trachta and Tohm fighting the training droids in the temple.

We still do not know much about the ghost prison, but it seems that it was established by the Jedi Council. I hope we find out more about it in the next issue.

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