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Saturday Cartoon Report, Part…lemme explain

Posted in Reviews with tags , , on June 23, 2012 by Karan Seraph

With some series having dramatic finales that require a lot of writing about surprise tweests, while other series are in repeats, I’m going to go with an alternate format for writing these reports.

As anyone on the Internet has seen, Legend of Korra has caused as much screaming and flailing this week, as Thundercats did last week.

So, the finale three episodes of Legend of Korra, aired either on the 16th or 23rd will be in one review posted after this. Probably, I will then follow with a separate review of the recent Transformers Rescue Bots episodes.

Here, are the summaries that don’t requires as detailed reviews – Summer repeats, blah – to, hopefully, tide over readers until I get this epic Korra review written.

(Yes, there will also be one for the Tron: Uprising episode that aired this past Thursday, but it really ended with unresolved plotlines, and felt rushed, so I’m wondering if it isn’t better to cover it with the episode to air next week.)

Saturday the 16th: Continue reading

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