Saturday Cartoon Report, Part…lemme explain

With some series having dramatic finales that require a lot of writing about surprise tweests, while other series are in repeats, I’m going to go with an alternate format for writing these reports.

As anyone on the Internet has seen, Legend of Korra has caused as much screaming and flailing this week, as Thundercats did last week.

So, the finale three episodes of Legend of Korra, aired either on the 16th or 23rd will be in one review posted after this. Probably, I will then follow with a separate review of the recent Transformers Rescue Bots episodes.

Here, are the summaries that don’t requires as detailed reviews – Summer repeats, blah – to, hopefully, tide over readers until I get this epic Korra review written.

(Yes, there will also be one for the Tron: Uprising episode that aired this past Thursday, but it really ended with unresolved plotlines, and felt rushed, so I’m wondering if it isn’t better to cover it with the episode to air next week.)

Saturday the 16th:

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Repeat of episode 47 “Catch a Falling Star” The return of Jennifer Nocturne and Captain Nemesis. Jennifer’s developed a Stockholm Syndrome-like obsession with the man who previously and publicly staged attacks and rescues of the celebrity. It’s up to Ben and Gwen to track the pair, which is OK with Carl Nesmith/Nemesis, who wants revenge on Ben for revealing his schemes. Features aliens Humungasaur, Clockwork and Eatle

ThunderCats: “What Lies Above, Part 2” This had it’s own separate review, posted previously.

Green Lantern the Animated Series: Repeat of episode 3 “Razer’s Edge” The GL’s want Razer to be kept imprisoned, not tortured, so when they find an informant that tells them how things really are inside the prison, then head back to reclaim their convict. But, the Lantern’s didn’t expect the yellow crystals that induce fear and nullify the green energy of their rings, and get captured by the corrupt, and hungry warden. Now, if only they had help from someone who didn’t rely on the green power rings…Oh! Wait, they have Razer, if Aya can manage to get him and his ring back together. This might involve entering the dark memories he’s being tortured with and taking the form of his dead wife. Yeah, way to mess with the Red Lantern’s emotions, Aya.

Sword of the Atom short: 04 “Battle of the Tiny Titans”  Your basic force allies into gladiatorial combat against each other plot.

Young Justice: Repeat of episode “Misplaced” Is this ep. a fan favorite? It should be. Witch Boy and a bunch of grown up magic villains cast a spell that separates Earth into two separate dimensions: one where only the adults over 18 exist, and another where only kids under 18 exist. And, it all happens around the time Zatanna is wondering if her father Zatara will allow her to stay with the team. Respective old and young teams of heroes work to find the source of the disruption, but there seems no way to bring a concerted attack against their foes without being able to communicate. They’d need someone who was both child and adult for that…like Captain Marvel! He helps save the day, but on a down note, Zatara ends up putting on the Dr. Fate helm in order to save Zatanna from making the same sacrifice. The reveal at the end: it was all a diversion for a theft.

Mad Presents – Benjamin Batman short: What if Batman aged backwards? Yeah, basically audiences would stay for the 20 minutes in the middle where he was actually useful as a superhero.

The Legend of Korra: “Turning the Tides” As in the tides of war, which all out starts in this episode. (More in upcoming review.)

Transformers Rescue Bots: “The Griffin Rock Triangle” Like the one in Bermuda, except with an explained cause vaguely like that one episode of SeaQuest DSV almost no one remembers.

Transformers Prime: repeat of “Orion Pax, Part 3” Oh, wait, I’m Optimus Prime, aren’t I? Is pretty much the result of the episode.

Saturday the 23rd:

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Repeat of “Night of the Living Nightmare” It’s one of those ‘The whole thing was a dream’ episodes. Although, the twist here is that it’s in Albedo’s head. We think it’s Ben trapped, with Albedo throwing illusions at him to get the Ultamatrix, but his plan to put a Dream Eater on Ben never succeeded.

ThunderCats: (CN is now airing Ninjago in this slot. Episode “Rise of the Snakes”. I love Lego, but I’m not sure if I want to review this, right now.)

Green Lantern the Animated Series: Repeat of episode 4 “Into the Abyss” The crew, now including Hal, Kilowog and Razer – uh huh he’s like part of the team now – get a distress call from a captain Goray saying his ship has one engine down and is being drawn into a pinhole. Razer and Kilowog have been at odds and aren’t really acknowledging other as teammates. Will this be an episode teaching us about teamwork~? Pretty much. So, if, like Hal, you don’t know, a pinhole is a tiny black hole or something. The Interceptor, with its AI, Aya, goes in, but tractor beams and toe cables are being affected by the immense gravity. The Lanterns have to go in themselves using pure willpower – and rage – to fight the pinhole’s pull. And they find it’s not a simple issue of getting the captain to safety; he’s carrying a cargo of eggs belonging to some rare, endangered species. Great! Cue scenes of Lanterns trying to get a ship full of eggs from the apparent point-of-no-return while the ship begin to crush i non them. Weirdly, Aya saves the day, despite Hal’s initially ignoring her input, by turning into bug-bots; Razer saves Kilowog’s life; and Hal saves the ship and eggs using crazy test-pilot flying! Everyone uses teamwork! Oh, yeah, and happy slice of life scene at the end shows up Aya has a humanoid body (made of bug bots) and thinks she’s a Green Lantern. (Well, she does have the awesome drive-of-willpower at her command.)

short: Plastic Man 01 – Super Hero Sketch Artist: I possibly went to the kitchen during this, because I don’t remember seeing it. Yeah, don’t I know I must remain seated in front of the television all Saturday without breaks for bathroom or meals!?!

Young Justice: Repeat of episode “Coldhearted” In this, the Team, now including Zatanna, have unlocked their alternate costumes and appear in various snow camo, winterized suits (though none as ridiculous as the ones we saw in Shumacher’s Batman Forever and then blocked from memory), and they get to have a real life team-up with the League! Oh, and it’s Wally’s 16th birthday. Surprise: he’s the last to know Megan and Connor are together. All the other Team members get to go do awesome things with the Leaguers, like fight floating snow makers armed with deck guns, but Wally gets stuck on a cross-country courier mission. It’s an important one…he has to deliver a heart to a ten-year-old girl, while weather paralyzes the nation.  Vandal Savage and Count Vertigo try to delay Wally, for whatever reason, but eventually he gets the heart to the actual transplant team. Yay! Oh, and the reveal, because YJ has to have those: It was all part of an assassination attempt of the ten-year-old Queen of whatever fictional country, who happens to be the niece of Vertigo. Reveal in the reveal: Wally gets Vertigo to confess by arranging a false report of the Queen’s death. Bonus reveal at the end: the snow-job has all the earmarks of the known ‘ice villains’, but they’ve been in Belle Reve Penitentiary the whole time.

short DC’s World’s Funnest 02: Uh, yeah, this was like Claymation, Wallace & Grommet Superfriends with baby talk. Yep, just like it sounds.

[Note: CN is now airing Annoying Orange after YJ. Seriously. This show based on web shorts is as Annoying as the title character. But, apparently 9-year-old boys find it hilarious. I have some Nephews.]

The Legend of Korra: Two-part Season finale “Skeletons in the Closet” and “Endgame” Just epic! More in the later review.

Transformers Rescue Bots: “Rules and Regulations” I’m pretending I already watched this.

Transformers Prime: Repeat of “Operation: Bumblebee, Part 1” Man, can they have any more multi-part episodes? Well, I shouldn’t complain. Back-in-the-day every season started with a five-parter or something. Same with Jem and G.I. Joe. Because, weekday airing. Anyway, this is the episode where we learn about the all important t-cogs [Insert your own awkward ‘Low-T’ joke here]  or, as we knew them in times of yore: Transformation cogs. Bumblebee get’s captured by MECH, and the nasty humans steal his cog. While he’s able to escape, his cog doesn’t go with him. Bumblebee spends the rest of the ep. feeling all emasculated, or something. Meanwhile Starscream saunters into MECH (Dude! they disassemble your kind!) and offers an alliance. You know that’s gonna end badly!

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