Review of Nightwing #10

“Perfection isn’t easy. It’s not simple. But it’s not impossible.”

***Contains Spoilers***

You may remember that back before his involvement with the Night of Owls crossover, that Nightwing was looking into how one of his escrima sticks ended up at a murder scene. Well, now that the court has been dealt with he goes to the crime scene to investigate. There he finds an Alpha/Omega symbol painted on the wall, both victims had matching tattoos featuring the same mark. Our young hero has little time to think about this, because the GCPD SWAT team bursts in. Nightwing fights his way through them when he gets a call from Lucius Fox(Bruce Wayne’s business manager).

After ditching the police Dick and Lucius discuss a “proposal”. They are vague on the details(until the end of the issue, let’s not get ahead of ourselves). Basically, Dick has a big idea and needs lots of money to do it. He doesn’t want to ask Bruce for the money, we all have our pride. I think Dick just wants to have something that is his that wasn’t handed to him because of Bruce. Turns out that only one bank in town is willing to talk to him about a loan. The catch is that Dick would be dealing with Tony Zucco’s daughter. Just in case you don’t know the significance of this, Tony ZUcco is responsible for the death of Dick’s parents. SO you can understand Dick’s reluctance.

While Dick is planning for his future, Commissioner Gordon is ripping into Detective Nie for the SWAT incident. Nie is convinced that Nightwing is guilty of murder. Gordon doesn’t agree with his conclusion or his tactics. We find out, during a rooftop meeting between Gordon and Deputy Mayor Kavanaugh that Nie has been suspected of planting evidence in the past, but nothing ever stuck. You may remember Deputy Mayor Kavanaugh from Nightwing #8-9. He was one of the men that Nightwing saved from the Talon sent to kill the Mayor. Kavanaugh certainly remembers and wants to help clear Nightwing’s name. Mayor Hady still has his “anti-bat” stance(typical politician).

Dick decides to meet with Sonia Zucco(who isn’t a red head so the chances of them sleeping together are drastically reduced) and we discover his big plan. Dick wants to reopen the Gotham City Amusement Park. He says he wants to do it to “save the soul of Gotham”. She seems interested and Dick asks Haly’s circus to be the center attraction.

Back to his other career, Dick decides to hunt down the tattoos. He is attacked by several people in armored suits, all with the Alpha/Omega symbol on them. They are of course no match for Nightwing(3 against 1? what were they thinking?). Dick starts asking questions, but these guys seem pretty tight lipped, except for Robbie. Dick can smell a squealer like a fart in a car and takes Robbie for a little trip. It does not take long, after swinging above Gotham City for Robbie to blab that the group is called the Republic of Tomorrow and that they are based in the Clock Tower. Dick goes there expecting to find a small group of teens. Instead he finds a small army. He sees dozens of people in the same suits, training in hand to hand techniques. He is spotted and knocked down by the leader, a man who calls himself Paragon.

This was a great issue. Higgins certainly found a way to pack a lot of stuff into one issue with out making it feel cramped. The amusement park is a big move. I think Dick can make it work, especially with the help of the circus. Plus, I know he doesn’t want to go to Bruce for the money, but I am sure an endorsement, maybe some advertising of some kind will occur. I am curious to see what the Republic of Tomorrow is all about. Paragon was going on and on about perfection, but so far their motives are still a mystery.


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