Review of Star Trek TNG/ Doctor Who #2

“They have windows in their ship and everything.”

***Contains Spoilers***

You have to go back before you go forward, the first half of this issue actually takes place at the same time as the last issue. Wow I am now realizing just how difficult explaining the continuity of a Doctor Who and Star Trek crossover can be. In other, less confusing, words the first half of this story tells us what is going on with the Enterprise crew. I forgot to mention it in my review of issue #1, but this story takes place in the Star Trek universe about a year after the Battle at Wolf 359 or about a year before the first episode of Deep Space Nine(yes I converted the star date, i’m a dork. go ahead and say it. Just remember YOU are the one reading a blog review about a comic book crossover between Doctor Who and Star Trek. Who is the dork, now?).

Geordi and Data have a discussion on upgrades(something the Cybermen are REAL big on). They do discuss some interesting points regarding Data’s components. He was VERY advanced, 30 years ago. He explains that he doesn’t want to upgrade his systems, because where do you draw the line and how much of himself would he lose along the way.

The Enterprise’s current mission is to visit a mining colony. The facility is mining materials to make ships to replace those lost at Wolf 359. Due to increasing quota demands several safety protocols have been lessened. The Away team is almost lost in a flood accident. Afterwards they decide to head to the holodeck to relax. This brings us to the final scenes of last issue and the arrival of the Doctor, Amy and Rory.

At first they assume that the Doctor and the Ponds are merely malfunctions of the holodeck, until they turn off the Holodeck and there they are. Of course, security is called and they are taken to see Capt. Picard. Now I have seen a great many TNG episodes and I have seen all the Next Generation movies(there are several hours of my life I can never get back). I have to say that the crew of the Enterprise seemed to take the Doctor’s appearance pretty well. I mean they are no strangers to random, unexplained events. Hell, that is the basis for most of the Star Trek episodes out there. But here we have some random people that appear in the middle of the holodeck, not in a ship in space, but they just materialized inside the ship. I expected a little more skepticism.

After a nice little chat they receive the call about Delta IV and set a course to assist. Once they arrive Work decides to bring their “guests” onto the bridge(because it isn’t a secure location or anything and they have known the Doctor for almost an hour by this point). The detect a large formation of ships, Borg and Cybermen.

Back to my earlier point, why did they not lock the Doctor in the brig? I mean you and I both know he would have escaped, but still. He didn’t really have to charm them or even break out the psychic paper to fool them. Random people just appear in the middle of a Federation star ship and the Captain just sits down to chat with him. And then Work just brings him onto the bridge(possibly to try to get away from him “Will you please stop talking!”

Also The Doctor did not simply travel to the future, this is a different reality. This is made evident by the fact that the Doctor claims to know every planet and has never heard of Delta IV. Another oddity is that when he sees Worf he calls him a Klingon, but he tells Amy that until he looked at Work he had never heard of a Klingon. So, perhaps there is a rift in realities and that is what brought the Borg and Cybermen together?

All in all it is a good book. The art isn’t exactly my favorite style, but I think it works. Also now that all the peices are in place the story can really get underway.

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