Spider-Hunter: A review of Scarlet Spider #6

A late review of Scarlet Spider #6 Enjoy!

Post contains Spoilers

So Kaine is getting used to his new-found hero status in Houston. When Kaine first came to Texas his plan was just to skip across the border. But in time he has grown into Houston’s own webslinging hero. Now Kaine never thought himself as a hero nor did he ever want to be one. But there is something nice here, it is a very new feeling for him. It wasn’t until he saved Aracely that the hero thing stuck. Now with her and Annabelle, who helps take care of Aracely, Kaine hangs around Huston and saves the day. In a pretty big way actually, last issue he stopped a nuke from going off in the city.

Now his past might come back and hit him were it hurts. We have seen this before when the Assassins Guild came after him. He managed to make quick work of them but had to strike a deal with their leader to get them off his back. But for now he doesn’t need to worry about them. However Ana Kravinoff is back in town and has a bone to pick with Kaine, well she might actually take his bones. It seems that she and her family have hunted him before. Trying to kill him to resurrect Kraven the Hunter.

Now they are not in the best place to fight. They went to see Annabelle, who was playing in a concert in a church. Now this church is packed with people and Kaine is now in a knife fight. As he starts to move, he realizes that there must be some kind of poison on her knife. However, he owes her one and will not give up. But as he chases her down she firebombs the place setting it ablaze. He is now torn between fighting Ana and helping the others. As he goes off to try to make sure that Annabelle, Ana attacks again. It becomes clear that something about Ana has changed. She was always vicious but now she comes off more as savage. To make this fight worse, he actually saves her life from a falling piece of the ceiling. With the poison pumping through him, fighting is not his best option. He is forced to get himself out of there.

Now running from a fight is the last thing Kaine likes do to but he needs to regroup. Ana came after him fast and strong. It is only a matter of time before she strikes again and Kaine needs to be ready for that.

Now the rest of the issue is split into four different epilogues. The first deals with Kaine, he goes to the Church that they were in the other night and finds a priest there cleaning. Now Huston has been an eye-opening experience for Kaine, he is used to being called a monster not a hero. He wants to know why he has been given a second chance at life. It shows growth in his character. He used to only care for himself and getting to Mexico was the only thing that mattered. Now the people are calling him the Scarlet Spider, a name for a better man. But Kaine is going to try his hardest to be that man.

The next deals with our friend the Salamander. Now I don’t know about you but I forgot about this guy. It turns out that he is in good hands being pumped full of some kind of sedative maybe? He is greeted by someone who I am assuming the man who he works for. He explains that the guy got away and a spider stopped him. Now while Salamander wants his revenge, he is needed back home. The wolves will see to the spider. That doesn’t seem ominous or anything.

Now the next one took me by surprise. It seems Madame Web might have a part coming up in this title. While she walks around new York with her daughter she collapses to the ground. Now I don’t know much about madame Web apart from her being able to see the future. But if this happens all the time that must suck for her. Judging by her daughters reaction this is not something that happens ever. But she does have a warning, She is coming for Kaine..

Now you remember little Ana Kravinoff. She was the one that was trying to kill Kaine for most of the issue. Well the fourth epilogue has her reporting back to her father. It seems that her whole purpose of going after Kaine was to not kill him but to learn. Now it seems she has been doing her Kaine homework, but the main thing she has gathered is that he has become weak. Now I don’t know a bunch about these people but I am not sure I want to..Ana asks her father if he will kill her now, but it seems the two still have some hunting to do.

I am pretty sure that I have made it clear my love for Scarlet Spider. This issue again just builds me up for the next one. I can’t wait to find out more or see Kaine fly into action and kick some ass. I also want to know more about this Ana Kravinoff, I feel like there is more to her then we know. Is it possible she does not want to kill Kaine at all? Or maybe they are just super twisted.

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