Well this is awkward-spider: A review of Spider-Men #2

Miles, meet Peter. Peter, meet Miles. No wait don’t fight each other! You are getting web everywhere!

Post contains spoilers

Now as I mentioned last time, I don’t know much about Miles. But from what I can gather, he is 13 and a huge fan. So when Peter Parker crosses him on a roof top, he gets VERY excited, even more so since Peter is supposed to be dead(But don’t tell him that!) Lets recap for a second. Peter was just doing his normal thing and woke up in a New York that is not his New York. Miles was on his way back to school and runs into his hero that should be dead. Naturally they are both freaking out right now.

Before long a fight breaks out and I can’t really blame either of them. I mean the shock alone from this met up is scary enough. The two learn about each others moves. Like Miles Venom Sting and cloaking that Peter does not have. It is a pretty balanced fight and you have to give Miles some credit. In the end he is able to knock out Peter long enough to get him away and find some answers. The next thing Peter knows he is sitting in a holding cell at a S.H.I.E.L.D. base.

When Peter finally wakes up he is greeted by an eye-patch. I mean he is greeted by Nick Fury, but not the Nick he knows of course. Now Peter is a smart kid and he already has a list of possible things that could have happened. Including a complete mental break down. Of course it is just a simple dimensional rift, normal day work stuff. Nick believes him, because no one is crazy enough to make that up and believe it would work. While Nick goes and figures out just how Peter got there, Miles will take Peter with him and fill him in on this worlds Peter Parker.

Sadly, they don’t get far. It seems that Mysterio wakes up on the other side and gets to work on stopping Spider-Man. He sends an avatar that he has full control over to the Ultimate’s universe. And just as Peter and Miles leave and get talking, the helicopter they were in is shot down. They both make it out okay but are greeting by Mysterio’s avatar, who is delighted at the chance to kill two Spider-men.

I have to say I have been enjoying this. I took a break mid review and read some of the Ultimate Spider-man stuff. I like Miles, I feel that he fits into the role pretty well. It is a shame that this is only 5 issues, I think him and Peter make a good team. If you are a fan of either Spider-man, check this out! It is only on its second issue and I love it.

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