If the villains don’t kill you, the heat will: A review of Scarlet Spider #7

I think Kaine speaks for everyone one this subject. When he is not fighting crime, he is fighting the heat of Houston. I know I agree, the heat can go away.

Post contains spoilers

I think Kaine is finally getting used to being Houston’s super hero. But that doesn’t mean he does a good at it. He has been struggling with getting away from his past life but it seems that things might calm down. Well maybe just a little. As he swings around Houston, things start to heat up. And by heat up I mean a missile hit the building he was hanging on. Now things have been far from normal since Kaine came to the city but this is still pretty crazy. Not to mention that as he saves the people below a girl comes falling out  of the sky. After saving her, things lead to things and things happen, if you catch my drift.

Now this should be the best thing ever. He saved the day and got the girl. But he feels a little bad, something just didn’t seem right. It turns out he was right to worry. After they get to talking he finds out that she is the one who fired the missile. As if things were not weird enough, this happens. Kaine does the smart thing and gets the hell out of there and is left to wonder why his life is such a mess.

After not trying to care, Aracely snaps and tells him to do something about it. Her psychic abilities are getting better and Kaine just loves it. Kaine starts to retrace his steps but it doesn’t get him far. The girl Zoe’s apartment is completely cleared out. With nothing on the girl he turns to the building, owned by Roxxon. He turns to Wally and together they dig up what they can on Roxxon. Now in Houston, Roxxon is everything. But with a company like that, they always have something to hide.

Kaine takes the fight right to the top of Roxxon to find out why someone would attack the building and what happened to Zoe. As the pages keep turning, Kaine gets more confused. Things were crazy enough but now it turns out that Zoe is the daughter of the head of Roxxon. It seems that in trying to be a super hero, Kaine has stumbled into some family troubles. But that is not all he has to worry about, it seems that Roxxon really does have everything, including people with super powers. Enter, the Rangers! Four different heroes with different powers. Looks like this could be fun!

I have to say that I really love Scarlet Spider. I have said this before but it takes the fun of Spider-man and takes away the moral compass to an extent. I love the “All of the power, none of the responsibility” and it really does ring true in this title. He is Spider-man with an edge. Not evil or bad but struggling to be a good guy. It ends up being a great mix and with only 7 issues out it is a great title to jump into!


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