A team crumbles: A review of Justice League #11

The team has been attacked in their secret base by an unknown enemy. To make things worse they kind of get their butt’s kicked. It is time for them to take the battle to Graves. Hopefully it is not too late to stop him.

Post contains spoilers

David Graves used to be a good man. A respected writer with many well selling books. He had a loving wife and two children. Like many others, his life forever changed when Darkseid attacked Earth. Sadly, after his family died he stopped being a good man. His grief became pointed at the Justice League. Where he once saw them as living gods he now saw them as the reason his family was gone. This is when David Graves became Graves, a villain.

The Justice League does recover from the attack once Graves makes his escape, but they are shaken. When Graves’ spirits passed through the league they relived their greatest pain. The death of parents and…well actually pretty much everyone relieves the death of a parent. Once they are able to regain focus they see that Graves has left to the home of Tracy Trevor, the sister of Steve Trevor.

Now this is when Graves becomes a true villain. He monologues while Tracy Trevor sits in fear. He explains his journey to becoming who he is. But he does not hurt Tracy. In fact he treats her with kindness. Before anything can really happen though the league boomtubes in and he is gone with out a trace. Now Graves is gone for now, but the real trouble is only beginning. As Wonder Woman checks on Tracy she is met with anger. Tracy blames her for everything that has happened to Steve, including breaking his heart. She demands that Steve be brought home safely.

These words hang heavy on Wonder Woman and will be the spark for further conflict. Batman points out that Graves is David Graves, a well-known author who even wrote a book about the Justice League. Now for a while the world considered him dead. He disappeared a few years back and he was terminally ill. They decided to go to his last known location, a cabin in Maine, and check things out. However Wonder Woman sees this as personal and plans on killing Graves and saving Steve. Shockingly it is Green Lantern who steps in and reminds her that Steve is important to all of them. This is when things get ugly.

Wonder Woman doesn’t like being trapped in a green bubble and punches GL down the street. No really he flies all the way does the street. Their fight grows quickly and that is only the tip of the iceberg. Superman steps in and gets kicked down the street. The Flash and Aquaman try to get civilians clear. Oh and Graves has found a way to broadcast the fight to the world. It is spreading so fast that not even Cyborg can stop it right away. Things are getting way to out of hand so Batman orders a retreat and the boomtube away. Right into Graves’ cabin. Before the fighting picks up again Aquaman steps in and reminds them that this will work better with team work.

I just want to say that I am happy that Aquaman got a line that wasn’t someone making a fish joke about him. It seems that when ever Aquaman meets someone it comes down to a fish joke. The guy has super strength and a trident. If Brick Tamland can kill a man with a trident what do you think Aquaman could do? Plus he has been a HUGE background character in Justice League and hasn’t got a lot of face time.

The team seems to calm down and Batman gives them the scoop. Graves lost it when his family started to get sick and die right in front of him. As the year went on they searched for an answer or a cure but nothing ever came. The doctors couldn’t even tell him what was wrong with him. They find that Graves went to Mount Sumeru to find the spirits of his family in the Valley of Souls.

When they get there, the only person who can see the entrance is Cyborg. Now according to Graves’ book, you have to be walking the line between life and death to see it. Things become even stranger when spirits of fallen loved ones appear in front of the league. Oh and if things weren’t strange enough, Cyborg sees himself. But the worst has yet to come. Diana turns as she hears he name called and in that moment I think the whole Justice League died a little bit.

Before them stood the ghost of Steve Trevor, telling them that it was too late.

Holy crap! Can you talk about an ending? It blew my mind a little bit. I am glad that Justice League has been as good as its been so far. A lot of the New 52 tends to fall short from time to time but Justice League tends to stay on top of things. My only real complaint is the lack of Aquaman. A lot of the times it just seems like he is there to be there. I was glad to see him actually stand up and say something this issue. I also have to wonder if Steve Trevor will stay dead. He has been popping up all of the New 52 and will be in a main character in Team 7.

Another great thing to point out is Cyborg this issue. They are pointed towards him being half dead? I am not sure where they will go with that but I hope they don’t drop it like it was nothing.


2 Responses to “A team crumbles: A review of Justice League #11”

  1. I wouldn’t worry about Steve, half the league has been dead at some time or another(if you count old continuity) and they always come back. No stays dead except for the parents of heroes. We all remember the shit storm that was called Flashpoint just because Barry’s mom didn’t die.

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