Review of Nightwing #11

“It’s all about making statements, isn’t it?”

***Contains Spoilers***

Nightwing is surrounded by the Republic of Tomorrow, a group that along with their leader Paragon, beleives that Nightwing killed two of their members. So, what does our young hero do in such dire circumstances? He gives them one last chance to walk away. Then he flicks a switch on his escrima sticks and they become electrified shock batons. He throttles several of them before being pinned down by gun fire(bad guys never fight fair). He uses some sort of sonic weapon, which really seems to piss Paragon off. I say this because his reaction is to launch a large section of wall onto the street below. Don’t worry about the citizens on the street, because our hero has that situation well in hand. He uses some micro explosives to pulverize the wall to dust. His gauntlets are the shit, by the way. THat’s where these weapons keep popping from.

By the time he returns the group has vanished. He decides to have a little heart to heart with Detective Nie. Nie is the guy who seems to have it out for Nightwing. They banter a bit, the whole thing is a cover so NIghtwing can get a lock on the GPS of Nie’s phone. The Bat family is so clever.

We then see Paragon and the Republic of Tomorrow licking their wounds. It seems that getting their asses handed to them has made the guys rethink their committment. Paragon pulls a page from Darth Vader’s leadership manual and kills them all for being weak. This guy has some serious power and is seriously crazy.

The next morning Dick gets a visit from Sonia, she wanted to give him the bank’s decision in person. The bank said no to his loan, he is an undesirable candidate. Dick let’s her have it, saying that she didn’t like him personally and such. She tells him that she voted yes and storms out. I can understand Dick’s feelings. He has a dream, a great dream that he wants to see come true so that he can help breath new life into Gotham, and that dream is slipping away.

Later at the Batcave Dick is using the Batcomputer to review some files(it’s faster than his), and runs into Damian. In case you aren’t following Batman and Robin, Damian has promised to best each of the previous Robins. They have a good talk(they used to be Batman and Robin, remember?) and during that talk Dick has a House moment(you know in the show House were someone says something unrelated to the case but it triggers an idea in House’s mind that ends up saving the day?. He doesn’t think Nie is behind the frame job. He claims to know who the Strayhorn brothers(the men he is suspected of killing) were and what got them killed.

Meanwhile at Gotham Police HQ, Gordon and Kavaungh are telling Nie he is off the case. Nie reveals why he is after Nightwing. It would seem that Patrolman Stark(killed by Saiko in Issue #1) was Nie’s lover. Despite his impassioned plea, Gordon still takes him off the case. As he returns home he seems lost and sad. Until he gets a surprise visit from Paragon.

Another great issue, packed with lots of stuff. Higgins again does a great job of making 20 pages read like 30+. The various plot lines are converging. I am eager to discover who is behind the frame job, and what Paragon has in mind for Nie. It was nice having Damian in the issue. Damian is a like a little brother to Dick, which is why I am very anxious to read Batman and Robin #12 and see their show down.


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