Review of Red Hood and the Outlaws #11

“Kori, I don’t know the person you were before we met. But I know the person you were always supposed to be.”

***Contains Spoilers***

In case you didn’t notice I did not review last month’s issue. This was not because of the quality of the book, just the fact that last month was James’ and mines unofficial slack off month. So I will give you a brief recap of last issue to catch you up(if you didn’t read it) and tell you what I thought.

It’s another average day for the Outlaws, until Orn, a giant, tusked alien comes for Kori. It seems Kori used to be the commander of a Tamaranian ship. Orn was a member of her crew. He came to Earth to enlist her aid in defending her homeworld. A race known as The Blight are attacking Tamaran and have already taken out the primary defenses. She quickly agrees and Roy and Jason get teleported along, they didn’t even want her to go. Oh, and for comic relief Isabel, a girl Jason was on a date with gets sucked in too. The issue ends with Kori’s ship, The Starfire, surrounded by enemy ships.

This was a pretty good issue, it seemed short to me. Things happened very quickly. The story isn’t bad, in fact I think it is good that we get to shine the spotlight on Kori and explore her past a bit. Isabel was actually a fun bit of comic relief(I guess Roy can’t ALWAYS be the comic relief). I do find it funny that Roy sleeps with his bow and arrows next to his bed. Hell, his arrows are closer to him than his shoes. Also I love how Jason brought his Red Hood mask and guns on his date. Just the little things that make me smile.

So that was issue #10. Now for #11.

Roy has been captured by the blight. Wait what? How? Well, it wouldn’t be an issue of Red Hood if it didn’t have a flashback. Sometimes I think Lobdell just doesn’t know how to tell a story linearly. Anyway the Blight are trying to interrogate him, but he is being Roy. He guides us through the events that led to his capture. It seems that the Starfire defeated the Blight fleet. Not without damage, the forward, rear and right engines are gone and shields are at .03%. Her crew is overjoyed, a victory is still a victory right?

Kori calls ROy and Jason into a private meeting to get some advice. As it turns out she has no interest in fighting for Tamaran. She has only come this far due to honor and duty. Kori tells them the story of how she came to be a slave(she’s mentioned it in the past). Her older sister, Komand’r, who had always looked out for her traded her for peace. The people of Tamaran live happily ever after because their queen sold her sister to end hostilities. It was during her captivities that she met the core of her crew. Orn, Depalo and Ktten aided her in her escape. When she returned the world rejoiced at the return of their princess, but her relationship with her sister was never the same. She decided to take the Starfire and leave her world behind.

I can’t help but understand how she feels. Her sister sold her out and the people of her world never lifted a finger to save her. She feels rejected by her entire planet. Jason tells her to tell Tamaran to go eff itself and they should go home(he’s still bitter that Batman never killed the Joker). ROy steps in and gives Kori the heart to heart she needs(and she deserves?), talking about the person she is inside and that she is too good a person to turn her back on the people of Tamaran.

Isabel seems to be making friends, she got herself a new space outfit and actually seems excited to be there(turns out the date was boring). At this point the Blight are going mad because ROy has been telling them this whole story and not anything that they actually want to know. It is at this time that someone walks out of the shadows, Komand’r! Kori’s sister is working with the Blight? (DUN DUN DUN!!!)

A good issue,I am glad the the Starfire didn’t just beat the bad guys and escape unharmed. In fact the ship is basically held together by dreams and well wishes at this point. We still don’t know how Roy got captured or what the hell happened to the rest of the crew. And what is up with Kori’s sister being with the Blight? She was already the ruler of the world so conquest seems like an unlikely goal. I guess we will just have to wait and see.


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