The rise of an epic movie: A review of the Dark Knight Rises

Now we let Marvel have their moments with the Avengers and Spider-man but now it is time for the movie we need but not the movie we deserve. That is right boys and girls, The Dark Knight Rises is finally here! Before I get too into it I just want to say that the movie actually blew me away.

Post contains spoilers and then some more major spoilers

Now with a movie like the Dark Knight and even Batman Begins, it is hard to top the next time around. But Christopher Nolan and his team did it again! We saw Batman grow into a hero, we saw him clash with the Joker, but now we see him broken. Sure the time comes in most movies were it seems that the hero might not come back. But deep down we always know the good guy is going to win(At least when it is the end of your trilogy). However, I got a different feel from the Dark Knight Rises, there are points in the movie were I could actually believe Bruce was not going to bounce back from this.

I mean hell, the movie starts on the 8th anniversary of Harvey Dents death. And in those 8 years Gotham has become a better place with less organized crime. But it is also a city without Batman. As stated in the end of Dark Knight, Batman takes the fall for Dent’s death to keep the city from knowing he became Two-Face. This made Batman a villain, so Bruce hung up the cap. But now Bane has come to Gotham and the city needs Batman more than ever.

While the story was incredibly good and had my jaw dropping, the casting was equally as good. Now the past two movies had already had a fantastic cast. Ask anyone that knows me well and they will let you know my love for Christian Bale. But the movie saw three new major characters, which all did brilliant jobs. We have Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, Tom Hardy as Bane, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt and John Blake. I knew Anne Hathaway would do a fantastic job but I wasn’t sold on Tom or Joseph. I had never seen any of Tom’s work and I had seen some of Joseph’s but couldn’t really recall how he did. Oh and they are both in Inception, which I thought was funny(That is right people I never saw it)

After tonight they can be in any movie they want to be. Those three plus the rest of the cast did a great job and they took their characters and made them their own. The only thing that upset me a little bit was that there was no Venom. One of the main things about Bane is that he gets his incredible strength from a drug named Venom. Yet in the movies defense, they made it work. He is still painted as a mad man who broke Batman.

I say stop what you are doing and go see this movie. It is that good. I mean trilogies are the new big thing, hell some movies don’t even stop there. But this really is such an epic conclusion to Nolan’s Batman movies. Now I have to say that the movie is almost 3 hours long. Which I guess most big movies are about 2-2 and a half these days. But like any good movie it doesn’t feel like it. Again I can not stress enough how epic and fantastic this movie was. The story threw me for a loop again and again. I just loved it.

Now read the rest at your own risk or after you have seen the movie. There are major spoilers beyond this point!!!!

Thank you Doctor Song.

I just have to share my feelings on this with someone. We all knew going in that this movie was going to be epic but I never saw any of this coming. When the movie starts, Bruce Wayne hasn’t been seen in years and it seems his time away or his time as Batman has taken its toll on him. He now needs a cane to walk. But as the movie goes on, a plot to steal control of Bruce Wayne’s company comes into light. If only that were the worst of his problems.

Bane is working for that same man, but that is only a side bar for Bane. His real mission in Gotham is to complete Ra’s Al Ghul’s work. You read that right, Bane has ties with the League of Shadows. Hold on, it gets better. Now you are told that Bane grew up in a living hell. A prison built underground. A prison that only he has ever escaped from. Now Bruce eventually is put there and made to watch Gotham suffer before it is destroyed.

While he is here he hears the story of Bane. Of how he was born in the prison because his mother took his father’s place there. Now while under intense amounts of pain, Bruce puts together that Bane must be the child of Ra’s Al Ghul. Which made a me a little confused. But right when I got ok with that fact, they slapped me in the face!

Now during the movie, Bruce has been working with a lovely young lady named Miranda, who just wants to save the world. Just when you think Bruce and her are going to make little Wayne babies, she stabs him. No really she stabs him in the chest. Turns out that she is Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter. She was the child that was born and escaped that prison not Bane. When she got out she went looking for her father and together they freed Bane from that hell hole. It seems that Bane had been her protector while she grew up there after her mother died.

So crazy right? We also find out that John Blake’s real name is Robin. Wouldn’t have guessed it. Not only is his character and orphan, but he talked about people wearing masks the whole time. Now at the end, the world thinks that both Batman and Bruce Wayne are dead. However, John gets a note and some gear and is sent to the Batcave. Alfred runs into Bruce and Catwoman while on a holiday(Which he told Bruce he used to do every year he was gone) and Gordon finds a new Bat-Symbol on the roof. So while Nolan’s Batman legacy ends, we can rest easy knowing Gotham is safe.

Mom if you are reading this, scroll up to the paragraph about the picture of River Song. apparently our mom only reads the last paragraph of theses reviews.


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