Review of The Dark Knight Rises

“It doesn’t matter who we are…what matters is our plan. No one cared who I was until I put on the mask.”

Consider my mind blown. I don’t use the term lightly, there were points during the movie that I felt my brain spasm. So, the movie was Awesome(yes I meant to use a capitol A). Sequels rarely satisfy the average viewer. They often don’t match the original movie. However, this sequel was the perfect end to a great trilogy of movies. I won’t say it was better than the Avengers, but I also won’t say that the Avengers was a better movie. They are different types of movies. The Avengers had more action, but it did not have the emotion of Dark Knight Rises. Christopher Nolan takes the audience on an emotion filled story with plenty of action. There were a few slow points during the middle, but it was necessary for the story. My heart was literally racing during the last hour of the movie. With epic fight scenes, explosions, and plot twists the last hour of the movie will have you on the edge of your seat. The cast performed wonderfully, both the returning members and the new additions. Tom Hardy’s Bane was very impressive. I would put him on par with Heath Ledger’s Joker(in case you didn’t know I think that Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker was phenominal). Anne Hathaway also did a great job as Catwoman, plus she looked incredible. Marion Cotillard played Miranda. She is a friend of Bruce Wayane’s that is trying to get his help on an energy project. She gave a great performance. Joseph Gordon-Levitt played the “created for the movie” character John Blake. I really liked his character. He was very likable, he served as the young idealistic police officer that in my opinion represented the audience. He was the every-man we could all relate to. Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine all do the wonderful jobs we have come to expect from them.

This movie literally made me laugh and cry. If you are a fan of Batman you simply must see this movie. Even if you are not a hardcore Batman fan(although I don’t understand why you aren’t) it is still a great movie and worth the price of admission. It is essential that you have seen the first two movies before seeing this one, otherwise you will be a little lost. As this was the conclusion of a trilogy they tied in many references from the first two movies. It worked really well. The movie is rated PG-13 mostly for violence, and some sexual content(no nudity). The movie is quite violent, many people die in a variety of ways. If you want to know more details click below(MAJOR SPOILERS)

Spoilers follow.

I liked what they did with Bane. He started off as a mercenary wroking for a business rival of Bruce Wayne, but then he becomes the leader of the League of Shadows(for a while you believe him to be the son of Ras Al Ghul). Then you realize that he is the friend and protector of Talia Al Ghul. When Talia explains how she and Bane met and how he risked his life to save her, my eyes teared up along with Bane’s. I mean he was in the underground prison and he had no problems with killing people. He was a bad guy, no doubt. But when you realize that despite all of that, this man risked his life to give a little girl(who was no one to him) a chance at freedom. He loved her, not in a romantic or sexual way, he loved her like she was a little sister. It really humanized the character, I almost forgot that he was the villain for a moment. During the rest of the movie he reminds me of Darth Vader from Empire Strikes Back. He was strong, cunning, ruthless, and intelligent. All characteristics of a great villain.

Some other plot points that were exceptional; Miranda being Talia blew my mind. I did not see that coming. It was awesome though. I didn’t think that Bane was the child who escaped from the prison. The details didn’t match up. Having her be Talia was not only awesome, but plot-wise it made sense. I will admit that up until the moment that you see Bruce Wayne at the end I really did think that he had died. I would have been satisfied either way. I am glad that Batman was redeemed in the eyes of the people of Gotham City, and I am also happy that Bruce has found a measure of happiness in his life(the man deserves it). Blake is set up to become Gotham’s new protector, I do think that having his legal name be Robin was a little much. I mean come on you show him going to the cave, we can all see where it is heading. Saying his name is Robin is a little like spoon feeding me the answer.

There were so many great scenes in this movie. The giant Cop versus Criminal fight at the end was amazing, also Bane versus Batman(both times) was awesome. I liked how they included the scene of Bane lifting Batman over his head and then slamming him onto his knee. Any of you that have been reading Batman comics for awhile will remember a very similar scene from Batman #497. Another great scene was when Batman let Gordon know he was Bruce Wayne. Calling back to the scene in Batman Begins where Gordon attempts to console young Bruce after his parents were murdered.

This movie was incredible. I want to see it again. I am sure that when I go home next week that I can find someone who would want to go. *cough* James or K *cough*


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