Breaking out of Limbo: A review of X-Men Legacy #271

Now I have been falling behind on X-Men Legacy the past few issues but what you really need to know that last issue Rogue and Ms. Marvel went toe to toe in a fight. While Ms. Marvel just wanted to talk, Rogue didn’t want to hear it. I don’t know all about it but these two have some history. Last issue ended with Magik showing Rogue her own Avenger prison. But in showing her she might have changed Rogues look on the war.

Post contains spoilers

Now I want to say it was around AvX #5 or #6 that we saw a lot of neutral X-Men change sides. As seen in Wolverine and the X-Men #14, the school is really under staffed. But this week in a lot of X-Men questioning if the Phoenix Five have gone to far. Another problem is where do you put a person with super powers? It is something that comes up a lot in different comics. I mean if you look at Arkham a lot of people need their own type of cell to be put in. That can cost a lot of money and time to make a cell made for one person. However, Magik has solved that problem herself. She was already pretty powerful before she joined with the Phoenix and now her powers are near limitless.

Deep in the Verkhoyansk Mountains, Magik has brought part of Limbo to Earth. Most people don’t fully understand what that means so Magik is nice enough to give Rogue a grand tour. Each person trapped there is in a hell of their own making. Ms. Marvel is not the only one here either. Rogue also sees Hawkeye, Luke Cage, Spider Woman, and Quicksilver there. She is uneasy about this whole thing and feels it might be a bit much. But Magik reminds her that this is war and not everything can be pretty. Magik also has an army waiting for any one who wants to break out or break in.

As the tour ends Magik is called away and leaves Rogue. It is at this moment that Rogue’s faith falters. It feels like all of their dreams have come true but at what price. She makes up her mind, she has to get Ms. Marvel out of here. Rogue takes a risk and joins bodies with a demon. It is not an easy thing but she will die before she fails. She does make it to Ms. Marvel and the two start to make their way out. However, it doesn’t take long for Magik to come back.

It doesn’t take long for Magik to them both out. She sends Ms. Marvel back to the army of demons, but she has something better planned for Rogue. Rogue believes that none of the X-Men will stand for her being locked up in here or that this place is even being used. But Magik sees it another way. Rogue is going on a mission. She will be able to do good, it will just not be on this world. She crashes down and wakes up in the middle of a battle field.

Now I have talked about how much I enjoy AvX in all of my AvX reviews. But it really is just well done. It keeps you guessing. For the first half it seemed that there was no way the X-Men could win. Then with one trip to the moon, the world became a new place and the Avengers were on the run. Now in the past two months, the X-Men have been struggling in their own ranks and I can’t wait to see the outcome .


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