Review of Green Lantern #11

“After the Blackest Night, a great evil would rise up from within the Green Lantern Corps.”
-Book of the Black

***Contains Spoilers***

Based on the word of Hal Jordan, the Indigo Tribe releases Sinestro. However, before Sinestro returns to his lovable old self, Hal asks for a small favor from his new little buddy Natromo. Natromo, being a Guardian type person, changes Hal’s ring. Basically it is a regular Green Lantern Ring now. All of the control and limitations that Sinestro put on it(including it not being able to harm Sinestro) have been removed. Hal is, of course, quite pleased with himself. However, Sinestro quickly snaps his attention back to a larger issue; where is Black Hand.

As I am sure you remember Black Hand killed himself in the last issue, but was brought back by a Black Lantern ring. Well, Hal and Sinestro find the blood, and the black slime(Hal’s word, not mine) that they recognize from battling the Black Lanterns. Indigo-1 is kind enough to teleport Hal and Sinestro to Korugar. Sinestro has a safe house there, Hal calls it his “bat-cave”. Before she leaves Indigo reveals that their plan to stop the Guardians is to force Indigo Tribe rings on them. Speaking of the Guardians they detected Sinestro’s ring going inactive and then coming back online deep in sector 2814, in empty space(they couldn’t see the planet, Nok). They also detect a second ring.

Hal and Sinestro make their way, covertly, to Sinestro’s secret lair. Meanwhile back on Earth, Black Hand has risen his family from their graves, for a family dinner. No, seriously he went and got Chinese food(killing everyone in the restaurant), and took them back to the family home for a nice family dinner. His risen family members do not speak, at least not that we can see, but he decides to explain his plans to them. His plan is simple, kill as many people as he can, and raise them back from the ground and have them kill people, repeat. Fairly twisted as far as plans go, sad thing is is that he could do a lot of damage before he is stopped. Black Lantern’s aren’t exactly easy to take down.

Now for the really interesting part. Sinestro, in his Sin-Cave(no wait that sounds like a s&m club, whatever) has the Book of the Black. Each color of Light has it’s own book, filled with prophecies. Sinestro has looked through the book and it makes mention of the Third Army. As he opens the book to show Hal we get a glimpse of the prophecy. It shows the Guardians looking down at everyone, Atrocitus leading an army of Manhunters, Kyle as a Red Lantern, Guy in a jail cell, someone who I think is John getting hit with a blast of green energy and the man from the center of the “Rise of the Third Army” crossover. The last guy has glowing lettering on his arm(looks alien) and a gun in his hand. The next thing they know they are on Earth in Black Hand’s dining room.

Alright, Hal now has a regular Green Lantern Ring. He is no longer forced to work with Sinestro. Although, for now I think they will stick together. Plus Hal does mention that he had to make certain promises in order to have the Indigo Tribe release him. Not sure what that promise(s) could be. Now onto the prophecy. DC has been hinting at the Third army for almost a year now. It has been building up into a Lantern Family crossover event in October. I am interested to see what happens that causes Kyle to get a red ring. Hal and Guy have worn them before, Guy after Kyle was killed(it’s a comic book, he came back. If you do not know what I am talking about stop what ever you are doing and go get a copy of Blackest Night and read it), so I imagine it would require something similar to push Kyle to the red. Guy in a jail cell, Maybe the Guardians lock him up for the business with John(see GLC #11)? And why is Atrocitus leading an army of Manhunters? the same creations that destroyed his world? Needless to say there are more questions than answers at this point. I am sure Issue #0 and the “Rise of the Third Army” will answer many of those questions(while giving us new questions).

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