Review of Green Lantern: New Guardians #11

“Glad to finally see some fire in your belly, Blue-worm!”

***Contains Spoilers***

This is truly a rare event, Saint Walker is angry. This pleases Arkillo(no surprise there) and worries Fatality. Now if you have ever read any of Saint Walker’s appearances prior to the past few issues you will understand that he is one of the calmest, most patient beings in the DC universe. However, Odym(home planet of the Blue Lanterns) was just conquered by the Reach, several BLue Lanterns lost their lives trying to defend their paradise world. Saint Walker believes that Larfleeze gave up the location. He is one of the few non Blue Lanterns to know where it is. Saint Walker’s word is good enough for Arkillo and they all promised Invictus that they would take down Larfleeze anyway.

Meanwhile on Okaara(Larfleeze’s home) Larfleeze reconstructs Glomulus. He’s back! and he still has his memories(uh-oh) and personality. The first thing he asked was where’s “Lanternkyle?” Sayd explains that he was de-energized by Oan weapons in the hands of bounty hunters. Larfleeze, being his usual paranoid self, accuses Sayd of spying for the Guardians. Although he does ask some good questions, such as who hired the bounty hunters(and gave them the Oan tech) and why are the Guardians behaving strangly recently? It’s not paranoia if they really are out to get you. Larfleeze smells the New Guardians approaching and meets them on the surface. It turns out that he knows everything that his constructs know. Which means via Glomulus he knows about the deal they made with Invictus(the look on Glommy’s face is so sad). An all out fight breaks out between Larfleeze’s constructs and the New Guardians(plus the Weaponeer).

Meanwhile on the outer edge of the Vega system, Invictus has decided to go ahead with his plan to replace the Vega system, planet by planet. He destroys the planet Aello, killing who knows how many people and places New Aello in it’s place(the people of New Aello are naturally very happy) I know it has been mentioned be fore, but this guy has an insane amount of power. He destroyed a planet in mere moments. ANyway it seems like he doesn’t care about the deal he made with Kyle.

Back on Okaara the fight rages on and Larfleeze denies helping the Reach. He brings up an excellent point, Why? He hates sharing. He knows where Odym is, if he wanted to attack it he would have. The New Guardians make some head way as Munk channels the Orange light(which is VERY effective against the Orange constructs). Then Glomulus jumps in front of Kyle to save him and he is destroyed by Larfleeze(“This time you stay dead”). And just like Agent Coulson brought the Avengers together, Glommy’s death galvanizes the New Guardians. The have Larfleeze on the ropes and he calls to Sayd to help him. Sayd can’t take it anymore and lashes out at Larfleeze. Then she reveals that it was she who stole the rings and sent them to Kyle. Before we can out why Fatality notices Invictus has arrived.

Great issue. The Return and noble sacrifice of Glomulus, I think he’ll be back. Still, it is nice to know that his memories and personality did not die with him, but we also learned that Larfleeze knows what his constructs know. So, even if GLomulus returns Larfleeze will always have a spy in the New Guardian camp. I loved seeing Fatality yell “For Glomulus!”. It is not clear if Invictus always planned on double crossing Kyle or if he just lost his patience. The New Guardians did have to all go home and recharge, The invasion of Odym, plus Munk and Bleez had shit to do. I am very eager to discover why Sayd stole the rings and brought the New Guardians together. Perhaps to combat the other Guardians? return of the Black Lanterns? All in all an amazing issue. Beuatiful art and the story was great.


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