Lizards, Lizards everywhere! A review of Amazing Spider-Man #690

Some really cool stuff has been happening in Amazing Spider-Man lately(Sadly I haven’t had a chance to review it) But I am back this week to let you know what Spider-Man is dealing with. Vampires and Lizards. He is dealing with Vampires and Lizards..I couldn’t wait to tell you.

Post contains spoilers

Right in time for the movie, the Lizard made a come back in the Amazing Spider-Man comic. However it was a lot different from the movie as you might have guessed. To give you a quick recap, Morbius the living vampire found a way to turn the Lizard back into Doctor Connors. Him and Spider-Man teamed up and took him down. However, while Connors played his part, his mind was focused on becoming the Lizard again. He first had to get rid of Spider-Man and Morbius. He used Morbius’ hunger against him, forcing him to feed. Now Spider-Man chases down Morbius to finally put him down, but Horizon Labs is left in the hands of Curt Connors.

So as you can see Spider-man is in a bit of a pickle. But what else is new? (Really does he ever get a break?) The real problem is that no one knows about Dr. Connors evil plan. For all they know he is just trying to get his arm back. But things do get a bit fishy once he starts asking more and more people at Horizon Labs to help him. It seems pretty soon just about everyone is lending a hand(That is in no way a comment on Dr. Connor’s missing arm) (Maybe)…

As it would turn out, Connors is actually working on turning himself back into the Lizard. But this guy is all kinds of crazy and doesn’t want to test on animals. He goes right to people and by people I mean the employes of Horizon Labs. So one by one, Connors is testing his new mix on people. While they stay in form, he can not. It seems what ever Morbius did to him it is long-lasting. He needs to keep working.

Meanwhile on the rooftops on New York, Spider-Man really lets Morbius have it. He has him on the ropes until Madame Web shows up. She tries to warn about Connors, letting him know he is needed at Horizon Labs. But he is on such a rampage with Morbius, taking out the loss of Silver Sable on him. That is until Madame Web lets him know that she is not dead(Knew it). It seems she is still alive somewhere out there. With that, he ends his fight with Morbius, leaving the cops to clean him up. Even gets to name drop and let them know he is a member of the Avengers.

Back at Horizon things are getting bad, almost all of the think-tank has been called to help Dr. Connors. It isn’t until Connors relaxes and takes a break with Uatu Jackson that he sees what he is missing. He runs off to remake his formula but is stopped by Officer Cooper. It seems that in his rushed work, Connors cut off the wrong arm. He has been found out. However while on the run, his lizard army breaks loose and is set to run wild all over the lab.

Things are about to get a lot worse. The Lizard army comes rushing into the lobby and they are forced to start a lock down. They can not let this problem affect the outside world. Thankfully, Spider-Man smashes through the glass at the last second. It would seem that Dr. Connors has some explaining to do.

Finally alone, Connors gets ready to return to his life as the Lizard. But he stops. He is so close to what he wanted but now he finds himself doubting if this is what he wants. The whole day while he was working with others he saw them do “human” things and he started to fall in love with them. Music, food, video games, all these things he left behind when he became the Lizard. He stops and things if this is what he really wants.

This has been one awesome arc. That being said, I am not sure Amazing Spider-Man has ever had a bad one! At least one that I have read. I wonder if Connors will change back, or would he rather stay human now. Either way Spider-Man has to find a way to cure all of Horizon Labs. Sounds like fun!

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  1. No arm done about your comment re: Curt;)

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