Hawkman vs Rome: A review of The Savage Hawkman #11

While on the run, Hawkman ends up in Rome and is looking for help. But it seems the church has other plans. Some religious people are crazy(This review might get me kicked out of my house)

Post contains spoilers

Carter and Emma find themselves in Rome while trying to get away from Xerxes. While there they plan to try to getting some work done. Before they were attacked they had started working on a scroll of unknown origins and meaning. Carter hopes that it might point towards unlocking the secrets of the Nth metal. He also says “Uncover the secrets of my past” I am wondering what they mean by that. So far we know nothing about his past. In Hawkman #1 he already had the Nth metal and had been Hawkman for a bit. Maybe we will get the answers in #0….maybe.

Now Emma has found someone in Rome that might be able to help them. Carter being himself doesn’t really trust this guy and after what happens I can’t say I blame him. They go to see Reverend Thomas, who is not only a Catholic priest but a highly esteemed historian. Now this guy seems like a nice little priest but he turns out to be a bit of a prick. He tells that many scrolls tell of Celestial beings in history. But he becomes curious on where Carter found this.

Turns out that Carter has had it for as long as he can remember. Now what he says next really sets off the priest. He believes that if they find the origins of the scroll they could find the earliest traces of celestial life. History meets religion and Thomas is not happy about it. He won’t have Carter call angels extraterrestrials. He snaps and starts going on about blasphemy and cursing Carter. Now at first he just seems offended but when a knight comes smashing through the stain glass window it becomes clear that something more is happening.

Enter St. Bastion, who looks like a super-hero knight. Now Carter wasn’t looking for a fight but he isn’t one to run from one. He tells Emma to escape with the scroll while he handles the knight. Now remember boys and girls, religious zealots are dangerous people, no matter what religion they come from. They become even more dangerous once they start comparing you to the Devils, evil, etc. Plus this guy really packs a punch. Also, for someone who is so strongly defending the faith, he doesn’t seem to mind they are trashing a church while fighting.

Now Carter is a big boy, he can understand why he is upset. He called the bible “Alien encounters 101” in his eyes. But still this whole fight is a bit crazy. I mean Thomas even attacks Emma to get the scroll. There is something more to that scroll then we know. But what else is new? The new 52 has left so much in the dark that I feel like Katniss in Mockingjay. In the end, Carter puts St. Bastion to the ground. It is clear that he is well-trained and part of something much bigger. Which is bad news since fighting him was hard enough. With Emma and the scroll safe, they fly away leaving the cathedral burning. This is not the romantic getaway that Emma had hoped for but it definitely wasn’t dull.

Once they are safe the stop to try to plan their next move. They will have to be more careful. Like I said there is something more going on with this scroll. Plus there are the countless people in the world( and off world) that want the Nth metal. Before they can make a plan however, they come under attack, Carter has been shot. Pike steps out of the shadows letting them know he has come for Hawkman. Now the shot should have quickly killed Carter but with the Nth metal actually being inside his body, he is able to get back up and fight. Next issue should be a great one!

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