He just wanted coffee: A review of Deadpool #59

Deadpool is road tripping it up and is on an adventure through Texas! He is very sad that he missed the world’s largest ball of aluminum foil and the world’s biggest cowboy hat but he is still here to do a comic this week.

Post contains spoilers

Things to know, Black Box is still after Deadpool. Deadpool no longer has his healing factor but has never felt more alive. Black Swan tried to take Deadpool down and fail hard and got blown up in a bathroom. Now Black Tom Cassidy is hunting Deadpool. And he can shoot energy from a wooden stick. There is a dirty joke there but I won’t go there right now. While driving however, Deadpool finds out that in Texas the speed limit is not 90 mph and you should not tell cops that you have a lot of guns and knives on you.

Lets take a step back and tell you all how we came to this. We know that Black Box put the call into Black Tom after Black Swan failed to take Deadpool down. Black Tom finally catches up with Deadpool in a laundromat and wreck the place. Not sure how or why they are in a laundromat. But this is a Deadpool comic so you kind of just roll with things. Black Tom has the chance to kill Deadpool but gets called off by Black Box, who wants the killing blow. This gives Deadpool a chance to get away! This brings us back to the current situation in Texas.

Deadpool is now surrounded by cops on all sides because he let it slip that he did not have a licence, was not insured, and has a lot of weapons on him. Oh and he was going 90. Long story short, the cops are not very happy with him. But Deadpool is cool with it, all he can think about is if he can sneak away to get a burrito from the gas station. Thankfully he might get his chance! Black Tom Cassidy is here to save the day and get Deadpool a burrito!

Well he didn’t come there just for that, it happened on accident. See Black Tom just wants Deadpool, but he has to go through the cops to do that. The cops don’t like this very much and in the confusion Deadpool gets his burrito! The world is safe again. No what that is not right. The day is not safe at all! Soon fighting breaks out between Deadpool and Black Tom again. Oh and Black Swan and Black Box are not far behind either. Things could get very bad very fast. But Deadpool has no worries! He just made a flamethrower out of a gas nozzle and a lighter. What could go wrong with playing with fire at a gas station!

The answer is many things kids. That is one place you should not play with fire. The moral of this review is that this is another great Deadpool comic. If you don’t like Deadpool I am not sure if we can be friends. Tune in next month to see if Black Box wins! Good thing Deadpool can heal himself! Oh wait…


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