Kill all the X-Men! A review of Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe #3

Need more blood and gore in your life? Do you also need more Deadpool in your life? Then do I have the book for you!

Post contains spoilers

Now for those of you who don’t know, Deadpool is finally seeing things clearly for once. And by clearly I mean he is killing everyone. No villain or hero is safe and a lot of people have already been killed. Added to the list are people like Venom, Green Goblin, Dr. Strange, and Power Pack. With each kill however, Taskmaster gets one step closer to finding Deadpool. Also with each body found, Taskmaster’s want to kill Deadpool grows. A lot of these people he has copied before and when he sees them he feels as if part of himself dies. This isn’t about money anymore. But let’s get to the good part of Deadpool killing the X-men!

Deadpool keeps stepping up his game with each kill to make it a better show. The whole blowing up the Avengers is small. He has trapped the X-men in some kind of maze and they are all trying to find a way out. In the monitoring room sits Deadpool and Professor X. Deadpool makes him watch as he kills his X-men. And these just aren’t normal kills but more like a game of Saw. Cyclops gets his head trapped and as he tries to blast it off kills himself, Emma Frost, Cannonball, and Pixie.

None of the other X-men are doing well either. Finally Professor X can take it no longer and goes to shut down Deadpool’s brain. He never gets the chance, as he goes to look he goes brain-dead. Whatever he saw was too much for him. Gambit, Rogue, Colossus, and Magneto join the list of the fallen. Shadowcat is trapped in a mix of a hamster wheel and fun house mirrors. She keeps trying to get out but never will.

But here comes the real cruel part. Wolverine lived after the attack on the Avengers and he has come to put Deadpool down. But as he looks he finds Daken and X-23 who are pretty much his children. Daken being his actually son and X-23 being a clone. They hang in the air with their vitals being monitored. As soon as their regeneration kicks in, they are blasted by flamethrowers. They will not die, but will continue to burn. Wolverine looks on in horror until Deadpool shows himself. He wears a coat made out of Beast. It doesn’t take long for Deadpool to take Wolverine’s head off.

Now this comic is awesome, but I have to stop and say that Deadpool is getting twisted. I mean he always kind of ways but in a loveable way. Here he is just scary but that also just makes it better. But here is the really scary part. Taskmaster goes to Dr. Strange’s house. Not only was Strange dead, but it was clear that Deadpool was looking for something and he found it. Deadpool was looking for a way to other worlds and realities. This could become a whole lot worse soon.

This comic is pretty dark and violent but for an older crowd it is pretty good. I have said before it is interesting to read because Deadpool has always been such a wild card. It is fun to see what would happen if he wanted everyone dead. The result is a pretty awesome comic. I will be very sad to see it end but maybe it is for the best. This Deadpool having access to all realities is very troubling.


One Response to “Kill all the X-Men! A review of Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe #3”

  1. The Beast coat is a twisted touch, but you are right this is twisted even for Deadpool

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