Review of Green Lantern Corps #12

“In days of peace,
In Nights of war,
Obey the Laws forever more.
Misconduct must be answered for
Swear us the chosen,
The Alpha Lantern Corps!”

***Contains Spoilers***

All hell has broken loose in the Sciencells of Oa. The Alpha Lanterns are fighting against a giant man hunter “thing” created by Jon and Guy, as well as many Green Lanterns. The artwork is very good, Fernando Pasarin did a great job, the two page flash scene in the beginning is awesome. Boodikka and the rest of the Alphas are putting up a hell of a fight. Guy and Jon fight with Varix(the more level headed of the Alphas), while trying to reason with him. The Alphas are able to destroy the amalgam thing once again drain the Green Lanterns Power Rings.

It seems the Alphas have won the day. They declare that none of the offenders will be allowed to serve in the Corps any longer. They also bring Jon and Guy forward for execution. Varix brings them forward, but then he undoes their restraints and charges their rings. In a bold move Guy and Jon rush Green Man and Boodikka and rip the lanterns from their chests, killing them. They tell the other Alphas to stand down, which of course they will not do. AS they attack, Varix steps forward and kills the rest of the Alpha Lanterns. Jon attempts to console his friend and tell him he did the right thing. Varix’s last act as an Alpha lantern was carrying out his own execution. He blows his head off before Jon and Guy can stop him. As Jon and Guy fly the others back to the Central Power Battery to recharge they hear a voice “Let me out” from the rings. When they ask the rings, they have no information on it. This also happened in Red Lanterns #12. It says this will continue in Green Lantern Annual #1.

The Lanterns hold a memorial service for Varix, and Morro adds a statue of him to the Crypt of the Green Lanterns. The Guardians decide not to reform the Alpha Lanterns or punish anyone who was involved. They are getting ready to raise the Third Army and all the Green Lanterns will be destroyed. Well, I have the GL Annual to look forward too, and next month’s issue #0 will give us the origin of Guy Gardner. This should help with the timeline. I am curious to see if it different from his old origin, and if so by how much.


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