Review of Nightwing #12

“Would it be too much to hope that the other day was just a bad dream.”

***Contains Spoilers***

Nightwing responds to police dispatch call regarding the Republic of Tomorrow. Seeing as he was across town and the police are looking to arrest him for murder he arrives after them and sneaks in. The crime scene is the aftermath of Paragon killing off the other members of the Republic of TOmorrow. Dick decides to pull Detective Nie aside for a quiet word. APparently, Paragon visited Nie to tell him where to find the bodies. It seems Nie is starting to realize Dick isn’t the villain he thought he was. Dick realizes almost too late that this is a trap. Paragon told Nie about the crime scene because he knew that Dick would be monitoring police radio.

Paragon uses his lightning whips(as a good a name as any) and traps the police in the sewers under rubble(yet another Dark Knight Rises parallel, see Batman and Robin #12 for another). Nie tells the others to wait for the fire department while he tries to get out through an access tunnel.

Meanwhile things start to come together. Remember back in issue #2, when Dick was fighting Saiko? Anyway during that fight Dick saved three men from a burning car. Those three men were the Staryhorn brothers and Paragon. They were all already in the Republic of TOmorrow, believing that Gotham needed to be rescued from the “flase idols”. However, after having Nightwing save their lives the Strayhorns started to doubt their cause. If you go back and check(i did) Nightwing threw one of his escrima stick in order to break the windshield of the car, that was the one Paragon used to kill the Strayhorns. Apparently Paragon is a genius, designing the plasma cores that power his “Lightening whips”. During the fight DIck throws them both into the water and they wash out right where Nie is waiting, along with substantial back up. Paragon refuses to surrender and While he is posturing with Nie, DIck clocks him in the jaw. Dick drops his weapons and in a pleasant surprise Nie lets him go.

So, Dick is pretty beat up and trying to rest, but he is still trying to get his amusement park off the ground. He tells Lucius that he is willing to use his entire trust fund if the bank will cover the rest. Lucius advises him that his is a huge risk, but DIck says he has learned that sometimes you need to go all in.

On an unrelated note, we learn from Penguin that Lady Shiva has just wiped out the largest contingent of organized crime in Philadelphia and she is heading for Gotham. Lady Shiva is bad news. She is one of the best martial artists in the world and an excellent assassin. She is one of the few non metas around that could actual beat Batman in a fair fight(not that it would be a “fair” fight).

Back on the topic of Dick and the bank, Dick goes to apologize to Sonia. He said things that were hurtful, he’s so sorry, and then he tells her about his lan to use his trust fund. She then admits she lied to him. SHe didn’t want him to get the loan, because to look at him is a reminder of what her father was. The offer was already made to the bank and accepted, so they will have to work together. Sonia kisses him on the check and walks away leaving DIck happy and confused at the same time.

Well, things seem to be looking up for Dick. He beat the bad guy, cleared his name(mostly), and he gets to open his amusement park. I’ve been to Amusement Mile in Lego Batman 2 and it’s fun, rides, games, you get to fight Scarecrow, plus Harley Quinn in the parking lot. Next month we get to see issue #0. I am really looking forward to the issue #0s, especially the Bat family books. I am hopeful that they will provide information for the timeline, but also help me with my follow-up to the Problem with Robin article(which is quite popular, thank you). Overall I think this was a good story arc. I liked the balance of Dick’s personal life as well as his time as Nightwing.


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