The turning point: A review of Avengers vs X-Men #10

The world hangs in the balance and now Cyclops has come all the way to K’un Lun for Hope. But in this hour, the war might just turn around for the Avengers.

Post contains spoilers

The war between the Avengers and the X-men has already had one major turning point that tipped the scale. At the start it seemed that the X-men had no chance in this struggle but when they joined with the Phoenix on the Moon, they had real power. Since then the Avengers have been on the run and are running out of ideas. Their final move was coming to K’un Lun. There they would be able to train Hope and maybe still win this thing. But as each member of the Phoenix Five fell, the others grew stronger. Now Cyclops and Emma Frost are the only two that remain and that has given Cyclops enough power to come to K’un Lun and he is not leaving with out Hope.

I just want to say I told you from the start that Cyclops was crazy! It does not even matter that Hope does not want to come with him, there is no discussion and no one will stand in his way this time. As Cyclops attacks, Avenger after Avenger fall before him. Many of them are already running on fumes and are still recovering from other injuries. But where there is a will there is a way. Hope was able to Lei Kung and unleash Shao Lao, the mystic dragon who once did battle and defeated the Phoenix. But again it is not enough, this dragon is too young and not strong enough. Things are equally as bad elsewhere.

Emma Frost has basically enslaved the rest of the remaining X-Men. We saw last issue that she was aware that she was slipping but could do nothing to stop herself. Now Magneto prays that they will be able to stop here. They were given a gift to make this world a better place but it has driven the leaders of the X-Men mad with power. And personally I would not want to see Emma Frost or Cyclops with that kind of power. Back to the story, which is about to get awesome.

Back in K’un Lun, Cyclops grows tired of this chase and closes in on Hope. She is met by Scarlet Witch, who now has no effect on Cyclops. This is truly a dark time for the Avengers. But just when all Hope seemed lost, Hope steps up. She yells at Cyclops to stop and in doing so cuts off his connection to the Phoenix. In his confusion, Hope lands a Chaos Fist and send Cyclops not back to Earth, but all the way to the Moon. Seriously, that girl packs a punch. Not to mention it is about time someone shut up Cyclops. Cyclops can not believe what has happened. Not only was he sent away but he felt pain. He needs more power, which means Emma needs to be taken down.

Now it seems Hope somehow took in the powers of Scarlet Witch and Iron Fist and kicked the crap out of Cyclops. We don’t know for sure what happened but at the end of the issue Tony Stark tells us he thinks he does. All I have to say that it is an amazing change of events and I can’t wait to see this come to a close. Not because I want it to end, but I want to see how it all goes down in the end. Marvel has truly made something amazing here with Avengers vs X-men. If you haven’t been following it you should strongly consider picking it up once a collection or trade comes out. Fantastic work.


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  1. Thanks for your reviews…that’s how I’ve been following this!

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