Review of Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison #3

“This is a temple to betrayal!”

I apologize for this review being almost a month late. I truly wanted to review it earlier but I had troubles obtaining an issue. Dark Horse comics are not sold on and I was in transit(I recently moved in case you were wondering). However, thanks to the good people at Heroes Legacy in Clarksville,TN I got the issue today and I loved it.

***Contains Spoilers***

Now as you may recall, at the end of issue #2 Vader had led Lt. Tohm to the old Jedi Council Chamber. There he accessed a holo recording of a Young Jedi Knight named Anakin Skywalker addressing the council. In this issue we see the full recording. Vader told Lt. Tohm to leave this part out of his report, but he left it in since the report is only for the Emperor. In the recording Anakin is asking the council what has become of many of the prisoners he captured during the Clone War(this recording is from some point in the Clone War, after Anakin is a Jedi Knight). They tell him to drop the matter and he storms off upset. The recording continues on as the Council discusses one of their most closely guarded secrets. Something they refer to as “The Prism”. It is a hidden prison where they hide the most dangerous of criminals; cyborgs, mind readers, shape shifters, even force wielders. Obi Wan Kenobi is most distressed about hiding the existence of the Prism from the public, even the Senate. Yoda says they will put them on trial when the war is over. Master Kenobi says he will go and check on the Prism, which is watched over by a single Jedi Master. The recording enrages Darth Vader. This is just further proof to him that the Jedi were two faced traitors. He swears to raze the temple to the ground upon his return(which may explain how it got destroyed in the first place.

With the information obtained from the recording Vader, Thom and Trachta take the Emperor to the Diab system. While en route Trachta finds Tohm attempting to move a blaster with the Force. Trachta advises him that now may not be the best time to discover he is force sensitive, given Vader’s current mood. They then provide us with a little back story, by trading stories of their own disfigurements. Trachta was hunting down a Jedi that had defected to Count Dooku’s side. When the Jedi was cornered he used a thermal detonator, which caused damage to Trachta’s lungs and destroyed his eyes. Tohm explains that his family worked on a tibanna gas mine which was attacked, and sabotaged by the Confederacy. His parents, four brothers two aunts, three uncles and nine cousins died in the blast which took Tohm’s arm and burned the left half of his face.

Meanwhile, back on Coruscant, General Gentis is attempting to consolidate his power base. He tells the Moffs and Admirals that he has assumed command of Coruscant. He tells them that Vader and Trachta fled shortly after the attack, most likely trying to paint them as traitors. Grand Moff Tarkin says he would like to hear Vader’s account of what happened and that he will be heading to Coruscant to take control. Gentis does not look pleased, I can only assume he plans to kill Tarkin when he arrives.

Back in the Diab system, Thom has located the Prism. It was apparently built during the second Great Schism(approximately 7000 years ago). It is manned by security droids and a single Jedi Master. There are no transmissions allowed in or out, so the Master on Duty does not know what has transpired in the rest of the galaxy. Since no one but the Jedi Council knows of the Prisms existence she assumes her relief has arrived. Vader kills her quickly and they wipe out the security droids with little effort. Trachta takes the Emperor to the Med facilities, which are top of the line. and they leave him to heal. Tohm searches the database and learns that Anakin Skywalker captured half of the inmates of the ghost prison. Vader tells him that Anakin was one of the greatest Jedi Generals, until he killed him. Tohm is told to make a copy of all the files and then erase the the system. Trachta tells him he still has a private mission to complete.

We then see Gentis attempting to bring more officers over to his side. His main reason for his coup is because he is sick and tired of seeing Soldiers die by the hundreds to serve the Emperor’s personal goals.

It turns out that Trachta’s mission is one of revenge. The Jedi who caused his disfigurement is an inmate here. He tells Tohm to shut the door and leave him, he says he will be there for hours. TOhm then goes to Vader and says he knows how they can retake Coruscant, but it involves releasing the prisoners.

This was another great issue. the story is quick and interesting. The artwork also continues to be excellent. I am not surprised by the fact that the Jedi had a secret prison, there are certain individuals that are too powerful for normal prisons and the Jedi do not believe in the death penalty. However I have to question their no transmissions rule. I can understand they did not want anything that someone could use to find the prison, but what if there was a problem? Also the Jedi master should have known something was wrong when she felt the entire Jedi order die. In the movie Yoda drops his cane and falls to his knees, was he just more powerful? is the force that affected by distance? Also, what did the Senate think happened to the prisoners? Did they Jedi hide the fact that they even had any? Despite these minor flaws this was still a great read and I can’t wait until tomorrow to pick up issue #4. Don’t worry you won’t have to wait a month to find out what I think about it.


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