Review of Green Lantern: New Guardians #12

“Not one of us can stand against Him!”

***Contains Spoilers***

Here we go ladies and gentlemen, Invictus and Larfleeze get their final battle and the New Guardians are right smack in the middle of it. Invictus apparently grew tired of waiting for Kyle and the others to take out Larfleeze, so he has come to Okarra to do the job himself. Sadly Kyle and Saint walker are too shocked at the revelation that Sayd was the one who stole the rings from the various Corps and sent them to Kyle. Before she can explain why, Weaponer points out that the Orrery is getting closer. Kyle decides to side with Larfleeze, thinking that all of them together can defeat him. Larfleeze is usually not trustworthy and not often a team player. However, his own life is at stake and they don’t have a great abundance of options right now.

Weaponer reconfigured his shield and hammer into a scanner(I did not know he could do that, noted) and detects an inbound projectile. Everyone is tense as it heads toward them, it impacts and it is a statue of Invictus. Larfleeze relaxes slightly, until Invictus bursts out of the statue and grabs Larlfeeze by the throat. Arkillo and Bleez patiently watch Larfleeze getting pummeled. Kyle appeals to their vanity “You call yourself a terror god?”, “vengeance is yours right?” Kyle motivates them all into attacking as one. There is a pretty sweet two page panel of them all flying in.

Arkillo actually made Invictus scared for a moment, but his ring started to sput(seriously that is what it said) out again. Weaponer can’t help him because he is busy pitching a plan to Kyle. Weaponer wants Munk to teleport him to the Orrery to try find an off switch. They agree, but Kyle wonders if he made a mistake. The New Guardians(minus Munk but plus Sayd) attack en masse, but seem to be making little progress. Up in the Orrery the Weaponeer is able to assume control over the Orrery. He blasts Munk through a wall and moves the solar system sized ship away from the planet. Invictus notices this and runs for his statue, trying to return to his ship. The others delay him while Kyle(witha boost from Saint Walker destroys the statue, stranding Invictus on the planet and the Orrery gets farther and farther away. Larfleeze actually compliments Kyle on his clever plan to have the Weaponer steal the Orrery. As it gets farther away Invictus begins to lose his powers. It gets to the point where he can barely talk or move. In the end he becomes a Statue in Larfleeze’s lair(very Jabba the Hutt of him).

THen comes the “LET ME OUT” cry from all their rings. More on that later. With the battle over the New Guardians turn to Sayd in order to hear her out. FIrst a little back story. Ganthet and Sayd were in love, they left the Council in order to found the Blue Lantern Corps. Sayd went to work for Larfleeze as payment for his aid in the Blackest Night. Way back in Green Lantern #1 the Guardians used their powers to strip Ganthet of all emotion. Sayd, due to their connection felt them do this to him she “felt them extinguish his soul”. In her grief, something inside of her snapped and she reached out and snatched rings from the weakest members of each corps and sent them to the only person who loved Ganthet as much as she did, Kyle.Kyle is special in that he was not chosen by a ring he was chosen by a Guardian, Ganthet. Sayd says Kyle has the potential to unite the corps. With her story done, the others angrily depart. Kyle tries to stop them. but even Saint Walker says that the team is poisoned by Sayd’s actions.

Alright, I really liked this issue(except for one small thing, but I’ll get to that in a second). I think this was a good end to the Invictus arc. He was defeated, but still has the potential to return. The art was awesome, there were some really great panels showing the fight scenes. I loved how Bleez refused healing because she wanted to feel the pain. One thing that I don’t understand. No one cares that the Weaponer(who is by no means a good guy) just took off with what could be described as the most powerful ship in the galaxy(if not the multiverse)?!?! I mean I understand they just had a huge battle and Sayd had her big story to tell, but Munk couldn’t have mentioned “Oh yeah Kyle Weaponer took control of the Orrery and then shot me threw the wall and I fell to the planet, you might want to go after him or something”. He didn’t say anything, I know he is not a very talkative person, but this is a big deal. Doesn’t Arkillo care? His ring is far from perfect. It keeps sputering out. Speaking of rings acting up, we again have power rings yelling “Let Me Out!”. This has been happening in all the Lantern books this month. They all say to see Green Lantern Annual #1(due this Wed). James and I have talked about it and we are not sure what it could be. I will tell you that i am going straight to the comic book store after work on Wednesday to find out.

Next month we get the issue #0 and apparently a new team. Well I looked at the cover and if it can be believed(which covers sometimes lie, just look at Dark Knight #9) the “new team” will consist of Kyle, Saint Walker, Arkillo, Carol Ferris, Larfleeze and Atrocitus. No Indigo Tribe member was pictured on issue #0 or issue #13 either(Atrocitus is also not on the cover for issue #13). Issue #0 will tie in the the Third Army crossover which will go into full swing across the Lantern books in October. I think that any of you who know me or have read my reviews know that I am very excited about this. #1 I love the Lantern books, #2 I love crossovers.


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