Return of Doctor Who: A review of Doctor Who Season 7, Episode 1

The day has finally come! It has been a long wait since the Christmas special but the Doctor is finally back with brand new adventures to break your heart. Now in the past few months we have been getting clues on where these next five episodes will take us. Sadly it is not a happy place, but we must carry on.

The Doctor is back with a brand new adventure, The Asylum of the Daleks!

Post contains spoilers

So like I said the new season of Doctor Who and that is a pretty big dead. Over the past year Drew, Karan, and I all started getting into Doctor Who. So now it is another thing that brings us together. Lets just say we are all very excited!

Now the season starts in a big way. Th Doctor finds himself being called to Skaro which is not somewhere he likes to go. But being the Doctor he answers the call. However all too late he realizes it is a trap. Back on Earths the Ponds struggle to keep their marriage going. During this past week we saw Pond Life and towards the end we saw Rory walking out. In the start of this episode we see that Amy and Rory are truly over and are divorcing. Soon after the papers are signed they are both taken by the Daleks.

Now all three of them were taken by the Daleks but not the kind you would think to see. It is a new type of Dalek-Human hybrid. Basically the are human puppets with a few Dalek features like an eye stock. Once the three are rejoined the fun really starts. They are brought before a massive crowd of Daleks. Hundreds possibly thousands stand around them. This should be certain death for all of them but something else happens. Something I did not see coming. The Daleks are asking for help.

This is very not like the Daleks. But here in the Parliament of the Daleks, they ask for help. The Prime Minister of the Daleks asking if he has ever heard of the Asylum of the Daleks. A place for Daleks that are out of control. This is a place for Daleks with such hate they can not be controlled by anyone. Now the Doctor doesn’t believe such a thing is real. If a Dalek could not control something they would kill it. But with this level of hate they see it as beauty. The Doctor becomes sick at the thought, that they could not kill them because of beauty but it the same way they feel about the Doctor.

Now a ship has crashed on the Asylum and if something can get in then something can get out. And the Daleks don’t want that. They actually fear these Daleks. So the Doctor and the Ponds have been recruited to go down to the Asylum to turn off the force field so the Daleks can destroy the planet. There is one snag. Oswin Oswald. A survivor from the ship that has been holding out on the planet. Before going down to the planet the three are given special wristbands to shield them from the defense cloud of the planet.

The three are sent down but land in different locations. While Amy is able to find the Doctor soon after landing, Rory has landed underground surrounded by sleeping Daleks. Oddly, the Doctor and Amy find another survivor but something seems off. The rest of the crew has been long dead but this is ok. The truth becomes clear and it is scary. The defense turns you in to a Dalek-hybrid. All things living or dead. The whole crew comes to life and the Doctor and Amy are on the run again. However, Amy loses her wristband in the struggle. Now it is a matter of time before she turns.

Elsewhere Rory is able to get to a safe location with the help of Oswin who has loads of knowledge on the base and excellent hacking skills. In the same way, Oswin helps the Doctor and Amy find Rory and a way out. They have found a teleporter and if they drop the shields they could go back to the Dalek ship. However Oswin will not be left behind so she will only help if they come get her. The Doctor goes while the Ponds stay and wait.

Now during this time Amy is slowly turning into a Dalek-hybrid. The process removes love and replaces it with hate. So Rory offers to sacrifice his wristband claiming that the process would take longer on him because he has always loved her more. Here we find the truth behind the unhappy Ponds. While on the surface it might seem that Rory loves Amy way more than she loves him, the truth is that they both love each other more than anything else. The reason they ended things was because Rory has always wanted children and after Demon’s Run, Amy could not have children. They did something there and it seems River is the only child they will ever have. So she wasn’t ending things with Rory, she was letting him go so he could have what he wanted. The world is safe, the Ponds are still in love! Thank God! But in the end they find out that Amy has had the Doctor’s wristband the whole time.

The Doctor continues to head towards Oswin and goes through intensive care. Here there are about five or six Daleks different from all the rest. These are Daleks that he survived different battles of the Time War. Oswin struggles to get the door open and these Daleks wake up in the Doctor’s presence. However Oswin is able to hack into them and earse all information on the Doctor. She really is good and you are about to find out why.

Now I didn’t want to think this but Karan saw it coming. Oswin is a Dalek. She was human but due to her high intelligence she was fully converted. She did not become a puppet but almost a puppet master of the Asylum. She does not want to believe it, she wants so much to be human and in the end she kind of is. It is hard to make a Doctor Who fan feel for a Dalek but they pull it off. Oswin is able to give the Doctor a chance to get away.

The Doctor and the Pond teleport straight to the Tardis and things get really interesting once the Doctor steps outside. None of the Daleks know who he is. It seems Oswin whipped all the Dalek’s minds of him. They leave with the Daleks chanting Doctor Who?

So in the end all things are good. The Ponds are back together(Thank God, that can’t be said enough). The Doctor has become smaller. Meaning with a race like the Daleks forgetting about him he is seen as less of a threat to the rest of the races out there. Now the only confusing part of this episode is that Oswin is played by Jenna-Louise Coleman who will be the new companion after the Ponds leave. I can only wonder if this will some how play a role in how she will return as the new companion.

All in all it was a fantastic start to a new season and I am happy beyond that the words that the Ponds worked things out. I was worried I would be crying in the shower for a week.


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