This just made me sad: A review of Justice League International Annual #1

I had high hopes for this comics. I mean it was still good but it played with my emotions. Now that I did not see coming.

Post contains spoilers

So when Justice League International was canceled, I was sad. Then when I found out they were going to have an annual I was confused. THEN when I read JLI #12 I had hope again. From how it ended it seemed like the annual would just let us know that the JLI was in good shape and doing well. Because they team was not over, just their current run was. Boy was I wrong. It seems that DC took a page from Doctor Who’s book and just did this all to play my emotions and break my heart.

The comic itself opens on a good note. Most of the team is working on stopping an African warlord. I guess I really shouldn’t be calling that a good note but at least the team is still together and Batwing is there helping out. They are able to get the job done but Booster wants them back asap, he has something to show the team. It seems Booster has gotten U.N. approval to expand the team. The Olympian and Blue Beetle are here to join the team! But not everyone is happy. Guy has finally has had enough and walks out on the team.

Even without Guy they need to continue. Now Blue Beetle was hoping to find some bigger names. Deep down he just wants to find out his scarab. The Olympian might have different reasons for joining. It seems that him and Godiva have a past but we don’t find out much. This is where things start getting really bad.

O.M.A.C. has gone rogue. It seems that Brother Eye has regained control of him and plans on taking out the whole JLI. He rips off Augusts face and I thought he was dead. Now he does go down for the count but he will live on it seems. I got so worried that they were going to kill him off my jaw dropped.  The remaining members of the JLI try to stop O.M.A.C. but most of them fail. Olympian is smashed into the ground. Godiva is thrown by her hair across the room. The worst is Blue Beetle, who is sent back to the Reach. Now if you have seen the Reach before you know they are not good people and he is major trouble.

Using Skeets, Booster is able to make Brother Eye leave O.M.A.C. and in doing so he returns to his human form. So Booster is able to save the day, but again he finds himself alone and his team down. Here is where things get really confusing. Time stops around Booster and he finds himself talking to a future Booster Gold. This Booster has come to stop something but he has failed. He does note that Godiva, Olympian, and August General in Iron will all recover and form the global Guardians ( A team from pre-52 that worked in similar ways to JLI). Booster tells him to find Steve Trevor and the JLA to stop this all. But he is too late, he failed to stop the key event. The kiss of Wonder Woman and Superman. With that both Boosters disappear. It seems that they are gone from time.

Now while 2012 was the birth of the new 52. It seems that 2013 will be the year of the Leagues. This story and the “Trinity War” will come in 2013. The JLI has fallen. The Justice League just lost Green Lantern and are having a rough time. Batman is contacted by Brother Eye claiming to have a new programmer, and both the JLA and Global Guardians will be forming soon. It is still very unclear what this whole Trinity War will bring and contain. But we already know some members of the Global Guardians and people like Ice, Fire, and Dr. Mist are pre-52 members that are in the New 52. Big things are coming for DC in 2013. And we will be reviewing them!


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