Review of Batman the Dark Knight #12

“You’re needed. For my research.”

***Contains Spoilers***

I am not going to apologize for these reviews being late. Sometimes life happens and I do not post stuff when I would like to. It’s something I am working on, in the mean time I hope you enjoy the reviews regardless of when I post them.

In this issue we once again dive into the psyche of Dr. Jonathan Crane, a.k.a. the Scarecrow. As we have seen from the past couple of issues his father raised him in an unusual manner. Young Jonathan was subhected to all manner of brutal(and illegal) experiments regarding fear. The twisted part is that his father did not conduct these experiments on his son with any hate or malice in his heart. It was quite the opposite, actually. Crane’s father loved him(in his own weird way) and saw him as his “co-pilot…Explorers of the sea of fear.”

Much of the issue is spent in flashbacks of Bruce and Dr Crane’s lives. Young Bruce talking to his father about fear and witnessing the murder of his parents. We see Scarecrow as he grew into a teen and then an adult. He was always shunned and misunderstood as a child, teased for his stuttering. Several parallels are shown. Both youths felt alone and found relating to others difficult, both were driven, and eventually became their alter egos to deal with the trauma of their childhoods. One became a hero, the other a villain.

I liked this issue. The artwork is well suited to the dark theme of the story. It is also interesting to see the similarities in Batman and Scarecrow. The issue ended with young Bruce running over to the old well full of bats that he had fallen into and seemingly jumping into it, confronting his fear. Issue #0 tears that the truth behind the Wayne’s death will be revealed. Is their some big secret that we don’t know? Was it the Court of Owls?, The League of Assassins?, time-traveling Suicide Squad? I guess with so many Bat titles they can’t ALL do the origin of Batman.


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