Review of Gambit #2

“Stealing from a museum. I do love the classics.”

***Contains Spoilers***

James Asmus’ writing and Clay Mann’s(seriouslyis that his birth name?) artwork continue to impress me. This issue follows our cajun scoundrel as he attempts to figure out what the scarab is and what it is doing to him. Well he soon finds that he can’t remove it or find any mention of it’s existence, but he does find mention of similar articles at the Museum of the Americas in Washington D.C.

Once inside the Museum he discovers someone else has broken in right before him. A masked woman who turns out to be the lovely lady from the party. It turns out that she was at the party and the Museum to find the Scarab. It is one of a pair of ancient relics of great power. She tosses him through a skylight and he is arrested, but he did manage to grab a map from her before he fell.

A couple of local cops are no match for Gambit. He waits until they get in the car and drive away before tossing them out and driving away. Our mystery lady drops in on him, well he hit her with the car(she did throw him through a skylight, all’s fair in love and thievery). Eventually they decide to call it even and work together. Next stop, Guatemala.

This was another quickly paced issue. It is interesting to see what Gambit does when he isn’t with the X-men. I imagine that eventually we will see them in this series, but for now it is nice to see Gambit being Gambit. I am definitely curious about this mystery lady who is extremely good at hand to hand and breaking and entering. Well I guess in her case it was just entering.


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