Review of Justice League #12

“I’m Not Dead.”

***Contains Spoilers***

As James covered last month in his review of Justice League #11, the League got into a fight. A very public fight. The problem with ubluc fights between famous people nowadays is that evryone notices. Information technology allows everyone in the world to see things as they happen. If you do something near someone with a smart phone the world could be seeing and/r hearing it. Well, public opinion of the League is not their primary concern right now. If you recall the League members were all face to face with the ghosts(or so it seemed) of deceased loved ones.

Most of the League seemed taken in by the spirits, except Cyborg and Hal. Eventually the rest of the League realizes that the spirits are in fact not the ghosts of their loved ones. Superman deduces they are “Pretas”, spiritual parasites that feed off of the living. Apparently the pretas bonded with Graves, which gave his armored appearance, his powers and prolonged his life. In a nice touch Superman did not save the day. While Cyborg and Hal pour on energy blasts it is Aquaman who steps up and shatters Graves’ armor, releasing the spirits.

Steve was not killed by graves, but he is spending some time in a hospital bed. He and Diana have a tired fight that you can tell they have had several times before. Meanwhile Batman, Aquaman, Cyborg, FLash and Green Lantern meet to discuss the media backlash. The public has lost some of it’s faith in the Justice League. First the public fight between Diana and Hal and then the story about Graves and his family. Aquaman tries to say they need a change in leadership, there is a funny exchange where Batman mentions the Others and Atlantis and asks if Arthur still thinks he can lead. In the end Hal volunteers to be the scapegoat for the league. He can take all the blame and go off and patrol his sector. Flash and even Batman tell him he doesn’t have to do it, but he insists and goes anyway.

We then get to the part that SO many fans have been clamoring about since the cover art was released. Superman finds Diana after her talk with Steve. They chat for awhile, then end up kissing. Personally I do not see what the big deal is. First of all it is not unprecedented. In Kingdom Come they had a kid together. I know a lot of people were bitching because Lois and Clark are not a couple anymore. Honestly, Superman and DIana have lots in common. She truly understands his world. The world where they fly around fighting alien invaders and super villains. I have nothing against Lois Lane(I loved Erica Durance in Smallville), but I think there are far bigger problems in the DCU than who Superman is kissing. Like the Robin Issue, or why JLI was cancelled instead of Stormwatch?

I like this run, I thought this was a pretty good issue. It does explain Hal leaving the League, which must have happened before the War of the Green Lanterns, because after that he was kicked out of the GLC, and then the current Green Lantern run happened. We are also going to be getting a new Justice LEague of America. Not sure what their relationship with the Justice League will be. We do have a mix of veteran members and new people. We get MArtian Manhuter, Green Arrow, Hawkman, and Vibe who have all been in the JLA before. We get Stargirl(formerly of the old JSA), the new Green Lantern, Catwoman, Katana(leaving the Birds of Prey?) and Steve Trevor. The ad refers to them as the most dangerous heroes. TO be fair most of them are either regular humans with no super powers or only have super powers due to special equipment. We will have to wait and see where this goes. At the very least they have my attention.


One Response to “Review of Justice League #12”

  1. Karan Seraph Says:

    I can understand there are a lot more important matters in their universe than who is kissing whom, but….

    You guys know I’m not a huge Kal fan. Supes needs more character flaws. So, for me, it was more thinking Diana should do better. All the gods, mortals, and she has a (passing?) thing for the alien boyscout? (Kell and Kon are just more interesting, even if most of it comes from teen-clone angst.)

    Especially after reading the original Tarzan of the Apes novel, I’m kinda down on the super-special hero types. If I had to read Tarzan’s “handsome” face described by one more character, or how brown or tanned they thought his his skin, I was about to throw something. Flip a table. Something!

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