The Arcane History Part 2: A review of Animal Man #0

Turns out that it is Anton’s fault that Buddy Baker became Animal. That guy gets a lot of stuff done.

Post contains spoilers

Animal isn’t a comic that I always review but it is a good read. Or at least I enjoy it. With Rotworld coming, I figured that it was good to do the #o. Plus it gives us some background on who Buddy Baker is in the New 52. Pre-New 52, I am not even sure I heard of Animal Man and when he got his own title in the New 52, I didn’t pick it up at first. It wasn’t until I realized how connected the Red and the Green are that I started reading it. Honestly with the current arcs I feel you need to read Animal Man and Swamp Thing together.

Now like I said above, Anton Arcane actually is the whole reason Buddy ever becomes Animal Man. From his current arc we know that it is his daughter that is the true Avatar of the Red but she is still young and this war is bad stuff. It falls to Buddy to protect her and fight this battle. But how did Buddy even get these powers? That is what we are about to find out!

Five years ago in the Congo, Anton Arcane killed the Avatar of the Red. The Totems of the Red have to act quickly. It is a dangerous time for them. The Rot is starting to grow out of control, the Green is without a champion, and super humans are on the rise. To make matters worse, they can not even select a new champion. The next Avatar has not even been conceived. They must make their own Avatar until the new one is born. Luckily they have isolated the gene pool for the next Avatar. It is a risk and could fail, but they have no other choice. This is where Buddy Baker comes in.

Now Buddy Baker is no super hero right now. In fact it seems he can’t even get a good acting job. We find him on the set of “Chicken Thief 3” which I am sure was a blockbuster. On his way home, Buddy sees a spaceship crash and checks it out. This is actually the Red making a believable story. Because getting his powers from an alien ship is easier for someone to take in then the truth of the Red. With that act, they make Buddy into Animal Man. He soon becomes a superhero!

Things change however six months later. Buddy’s wife is pregnant and that child is the true Avatar of the Red. The Rot can already sense her but they wait. The Rot might still have a use for her!

War is on the rise and the Baker family has a larger role to play then they realize. I still can’t believe that it was Anton actions that made Buddy into Animal Man. Small world right?


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