Dinosaurs in Space! A review of Doctor Who Season 7, Episode 2

It is Saturday again which means a new Doctor Who! Last week the fandom fell in love with Oswin, who was just fantastic all around. I mean Doctor Who always has a fantastic cast and this week proves that. It was a great episode but there was something amiss that I will get to later. I mean it is dinosaurs in space? How could it not be good.

Post contains spoilers

Now before I get started, I don’t know when they pitched the idea for this episode but the Murtha Family definitely had this same idea for a disaster movie. But there is a long list of things we have thought up and then soon came out. I could go on how our house is bugged but that is a story for another day. Lets talk about Doctor Who.

It has been 10 months for Amy and Rory since the Asylum and they are enjoying their day-to-day life. That is until the Doctor drops in on them. Now the Doctor is trying to save an unmanned ship for total destruction but he is going to need help. But he won’t just have companions, he needs a gang, gangs are new. Along with the Ponds we have Queen Nefertiti( Riann Steele), Riddell, a big game hunter from around 1902( Rupert Graves) and Brian Williams, Rory’s father(Mark Williams) Together they all head off into the unknown to find out what is on this ship!

Like any good Doctor Who episode this one has its serious moments and it’s not so serious ones. Mark Williams does a fantastic job playing Rory’s father to the point were I actually believed they were father and son. He even has some clever moments that help save the day. This episode really does have something forever one though. There is a kiss between the Doctor and Rory for those people who love to ship everything. Amy actually has a lot of badass moments as well. You can really start to see the impact that the Doctor has had on her. There were times in the episode were I could honestly believe here being a timelady. There is also a love connection with Nefertiti and Riddell that you could total see coming but was great.

As far as the actually pot goes it was pretty cool. The Doctor has six hours before the Earth is forced to destroy the ship so he goes to work. The ship is clearly full of different dinosaurs but a mystery remains on whose ship it is and why is it heading for Earth. In time they discover the ship is actually a Silurian Arc, similar idea to Noah’s Arc. The Ship was full of Silurians and dinosaurs looking for a new world. In case of emergency, the ship was programmed to go back to Earth. The problem then arises, where are the Silurians now? When they first got on the ship it look abandoned for years. Amy later does a scan of the ship and finds no Silurians on board.

For the majority of the episode Rory, Brian, and the Doctor are on their own while Amy, Nefy, and Riddell try to find them. This all happened because the Doctor accidentally teleported them to the engine room. In time The Doctor and the Williams boys are captured by two robots and taken to a man named Solomon(David Bradley) who has been crippled by raptors. Now it seems fishy that he is on the ship but at this point the Doctor does not know of the ships origins and Solomon forces him to fix his legs at gun point.

The Doctor does fix his legs but with a call from Amy things go south very quickly. Solomon is a pirate and killed all the Silurians on board. The dinosaur cargo has a very large price tag on it and Solomon is ready to cash in. Now with his legs fixed he can finally do so. Then he fins out that Queen Nefy is on board and wants her once the missile strike comes in. She agrees to go with him to save the others but the Doctor won’t stop there. His brain kicks in and he starts being brilliant.

Rory and his dad fly the spaceship away from Earth, Riddell and Amy fight off dinosaurs with stunguns and the Doctor saves Nefy. Also the missiles get locked on to Solomon’s ship so the dinosaurs are safe. Now I mentioned above that something was amiss in this episode and now I want to talk about that. The death of Solomon.

Now the Doctor is all about saving lives. However so far this season we have seen him kill. Last episode he helped a whole Dalek world get destroyed(which doesn’t seem wrong or new to me) but in this episode he kills Solomon instead of trying to save him. I remember a lot of times with 9 and 10 offering one last chance to stop before the Doctor acted and I remember a few with 11 too. But in this episode there was no offer for Solomon. He could have easily saved him but he left him there to die. I have already heard a few people being upset about this darker Doctor and I have to agree that is it a bit unsettling. Granted Solomon did kill hundred possible thousands Silurians but killing is never the Doctors way.

This darkness was foreshadowed before. There was a scene in the season 7 trailer where Amy is talking about how the Doctor gets like this when he travels alone for too long. Hell that was one of the reasons 10 needed Donna.

The darkness of the Doctor aside it was a brilliant episode and all of the characters really shined. Also a fantastic episode if you are a fan of things like PotterWhoLock. I don’t really touch to BBC Sherlock Fandom but I know they love Rupert Graves. Plus seeing Mr. Weasley and Filch running around was great.

3 Responses to “Dinosaurs in Space! A review of Doctor Who Season 7, Episode 2”

  1. I was a little surprised at that as well. I was just rewatching the Runaway Bride episode where Donna says “You need someone to stop you.” Solomon did slaughter thousands of innocent life forms and was probably going to sell the dinos as steaks, but the whole thing did seem cold blooded for the doctor.

    Mark Williams nailed the part of Rory’s dad. I really hope we get to see him again.

    • skychaserr Says:

      We actually will! Mark Williams is listed in the fourth episode of this season, The Power of Three, on IMDB. So thankfully we will be able to Mr. Williams before the Ponds say goodbye.

  2. Karan Seraph Says:

    One thing I like about this episode (and other Doctor Who eps that have a similar conclusion) is that it’s only when the Doctor is faced with multiple dangers or problems that he suddenly sees the way to save the day.

    Here, it was the matter of rescuing Nefertiti, while also avoiding the locked-on missiles. Solution: Use the missiles, lock, and Solomon’s retreating craft to advantage and use one evil against the other.

    No need for his own weapons. He can see that evil, in a way, is its own destruction.

    I mean, he didn’t outright kill Solomon, he just failed not-so-accidentally to save him.

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