Review of Earth 2 #0

“What you perceive as madness is clarity of vision.”

***Contains Spoilers***

Jay’s and Alan’s and even Al’s origins were told in the first few issues of the regular run. So this issue flashes back to six years ago, to explain how Terry SLoane went from being a hero to a villain. On Earth 2 the Apokoliptan invasion occurred 9 years prior to Earth 2 issue #1. The issue is narrated by Sloane, giving us a good insight into his thoughts and motivations. It seems there eight heroes in total that led the fight against Steppenwolf and his horde. Robin, Catwoman, Supergirl, Sloane, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman and one other. Sloane says he won’t mention them “for reasons that all who know this world and this war will understand.” It is said in a frame of Robin, Supergirl and Wonder Woman fighting what appear to be merpeople, so perhaps that world’s Aquaman betrayed them somehow? I imagine this will be revealed down the line.

The heroes of Earth 2 had fought the invading armies to a stalmate and Sloane was trying to find a solution and discovered the multiverse. Infinite possibilities, some where they won, some where they lost. Sloane did not share this discovery with his team mates, instead he came up with a new plan. HIs viewing of the various realities he saw what he felt “must be done” even if he was thought the villain for it. He blew up several large cities that had been held by Steppenwolf. Killing millions just to deprive the enemy of ground. Batman of course tried to stop him, but the plan had already been set in motion. Sloan retreats to another world leaving the rest of the heroes to finish the job. Well, we all read issue #1 and know what it cost them.

I have to say I really liked this issue. It adds real depth and character to Terry Sloane. A character that we haven’t seen much of in the New 52, except for a few pages where he ambushes Mr Terrific. He is a villain that sees himself as a hero, well maybe not a hero, but someone who is doing the “right thing”. In his mind, he is the only one smart enough to see the solution and he has to save the world, even if it means killing people to do it. “If the world is weak, I will make it strong.” I am rather excited to see him as villain in future issues. I love intelligent villains, and I also love villains that don’t see themselves as bad guys. Earth 2 is one of those issues that I look forward to every month. I like that the JSA is slowly reforming. Although it seems Stargirl will not be joining them, but she will be in the new Justice League of America book next year. Still waiting for Fate to show himself.


One Response to “Review of Earth 2 #0”

  1. Karan Seraph Says:

    The issue gives us good Sloan backstory. He’s that “Mastermind” type character, like a Xanatos. Very morally ambiguous. And, I also enjoy reading such characters.

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