Welcome to the team: A review of Team 7 #0

Another week with another batch of #0s. Last week we got a look at the first new title of the third wave. This week we get another that I have been looking forward to. Team 7 is the team that no one wants to talk about. It has come up in hushed whispers a few times already in the New 52 and now we are going to find out why!

Post contains spoilers

Like all of the issue #0s this takes place before the “New 52” or at least right around the start. Five years ago is when the world started seeing super heroes come out of nowhere. And now just super heroes but aliens and things thought to myths or magic. It was almost like the world changed into the unknown over night. And if it is one thing I have learned from comics, movies, books, etc. that the government doesn’t like changes like that. And that is where Team 7 comes in.

It is not just the these heroes are active but the discover of the metahuman gene gives the possibility that more heroes or villains will rise. And they have no idea when or where they will pop up. Team 7 is part of or is something called the Majestic Project. It is a little unclear. But what we do know is that all roads lead to Majestic and Team 7 is one of the means. Now lets met the team.

The heads of this team are Dinah Drake and Kurt Lance(I KNOW IT IS KURT) Also known as Black Canary and her mysterious dead husband. The are experts in infiltration, tracking, and operations. It is their job to bring others on to the team. Some I have never heard of and some others might know by other names.

They first bring in Slade Wilson, later known as Deathstroke and tactical genius, and Alex Fairchild, Father to Catiline Fairchild and weapons expert. The had been working pretty small time jobs until Team 7 came along and they gladly joined.

Next comes James Bronson. He does not have the experience that the others on the team has but he has an incredible drive. They also mention that there is something strange about his DNA. There is no metagene but there is something there they can’t explain and want to use.

Summer Ramos is a pilot that might be even more of a daredevil in the skies then Hal Jordan. But even with the possibility of her being crazy, she is an amazing pilot and joins the team. Cole Cash, also known as Grifter, joins the team. He is special forces but also has ties to the underworld.

Now here is a DC favorite and I don’t think they could have a counter super hero team with out Amanda Waller. Her along with Dean Higgins(Military Intelligence) join Team 7.

Together this rag-tag bunch of shadows make Team 7. It is their job to keep super hero threats in check. Because while “heroes” are on the rise, superhuman arms races have already begun. Together with their leader and the man behind the plan, John Lynch, they will save the world.

Now I want to talk about something else. Team 7 has 9(10 with John) members. Steve Trevor is also missing from the team. It is the first issue and the team could change but I am wondering about this. Because on DC’s page the description gives us Waller, Dinah, Cole, John, Wilson, Fairchild, and Trevor. Now that is seven people. So does that bode bad news for Kurt, James, Summer, and Higgins? It might just be that they didn’t want to give away the whole team.

What we do know is that Steve Trevor did have a part to play in Team 7 and that Kurt Lance “dies” at some point. Other than that nothing is really know about this incarnation of Team 7. But between this issue and present day, something happens to disband this team. Can’t wait to find out what it is all about.


3 Responses to “Welcome to the team: A review of Team 7 #0”

  1. Very cool…is this comic concurrent to the Deathstroke ongoing series or is it a flashback?

    • All the #0’s take place before the New 52. So this takes place before Deathstroke’s own series and sometime around Deathstroke #0. I do know that Team 7 makes an appearance or is at least mentioned in Deathstroke #0

  2. Karan Seraph Says:

    The book’s all right. Typical list of names and abilities introductory stuff. Unlike some of the other books, I get the idea the entire title takes place in the past, not just the 0 issue, as with other titles.

    Majestic is something UFOlogists go on about. Majestic 12, specifically. Some alleged government report or investigation into Roswell UFO stuff. I gather it’s mostly thought to be a hoax and/or misinformation.

    Not sure if the Team 7 writers are going for a homage or allusion there, or if it’s just coincidence.

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