Review of Batman and Robin #0

“The time has come Mother, for there to be no more secrets between us…the truth will set us free.”

***Contains Spoilers***

I am really enjoying the issue #0s for the Bat family. Well, I am happy that they are giving me answers to many of the questions I have had in the past year. I still have more questions, but I think that is best left for another post.

This issue gives us a glimpse into Damian’s life before he met his father. From what I can figure Bruce met Talia during the time he traveled the world training, before he became Batman. Damian was born in some sort of incubator womb and was a fairly small child at 6 lbs, ten ounces(avg is 7.5 lbs). It isn’t clear if he was conceived naturally and transplanted into the artifical womb or if he was conceived in the lab. Regardless, his parents are Bruce Wayne and Talia AL Ghul(Oh, what the Bene Gesserit would do with him).

We always knew Damian began being trained by his mother at an early age. On Damian’s fifth birthday he asked his mother who his father was. She explained to him that he had to earn that knowledge. If he could best her in a duel on his birthday she would tell him the truth behind his father. As the years went by he trained hard, and each year he attempted to defeat his mother. Each year he failed. The fights got deadlier as he got older. We do not see the details of the fights, I am just going by the increased amount of blood in each panel.

When I say Damian trained hard I mean that he trained REALLY hard. Talia loved her son, and she wanted him to be destined for greatness. So she pushed him to the limits, mentally and physically. Here are some highlights from his life before he was 10 years old. He beheaded a tiger, learned to play the violin, was trained as a sniper and a painter. He was taught various disciplines of science and strategy and he stabbed a shark in the head with a harpoon.

Finally on his tenth birth day he parachuted into his mother’s compound, armed with two MP-5s(sub machine gun), two katanas and several knives. He killed at least a dozen of her guards and cut the wings off one her man bats. After a long bloody fight, Tallia admitted defeat. She told him all about Bruce Wayne and his alter ego Batman. She had Batman captured and introduced the two of them.

This story matches up to the old continuity. I don’t recall the “birthday duel” tradition being mentioned, but everything else fits. They even meet in London and Talia looks dressed for a gala. There is an adorable scene where Damian finds a cape a cowl and tries it on.

This is where some things get iffy with me. This is when Damian was five. Damian says he is turning ten while defeating his mother. That was a year and a half ago, as stated on page 1. In between his first fight and his victory we see four defeats, therefore Damian is five in the above panel. Still with me? Well in Batman #0 at six years ago Bruce was not yet Batman. It is entirely possible that Talia acquired it from Bruce in his early career. It is just another example of how tight the Bat family timeline is.

I have really enjoyed this series and this was a great issue. Not only was the artwork excellent, but the story was interesting as well. Plus it gave me a lot of information for my next Robin post(coming soon).

Talia’s plan is to have Bruce mold him into the perfect heir to the Al Ghul empire. Bruce wants to mold him into the perfect champion for justice. We’ll have to wait and see.


4 Responses to “Review of Batman and Robin #0”

  1. I’m mostly a Marvel fan but am following Batman #0 and on. So my question from the cover is why does Robin have Wolverine/X-23 claws?

  2. Karan Seraph Says:

    Also, (maybe you had realized, but I hadn’t) this means that Damien in present time is between 11 and 12-years-old. I had somehow thought he was still closer to 10.

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