Best nightmare ever: A review of Avenging Spider-man #12

Now while I don’t always get around to reviewing Avenging Spider-man, it is one of my favorite comics out there. I mean Spider-man just fits so well with teaming up with other people and Marvel does an amazing job showing that and making it fun to read. This new arc is about a match made in Heaven. This time, Deadpool joins Spider-man!

Post contains spoilers

When I first saw this cover I could not contain my excitement. I mean Spider-man AND Deadpool! My heaven would be watching these two have crazy adventures with Batman. But enough about me, lets talk about this issue and how great it is. Like I said above, it is hard to go wrong with Avenging Spider-man and this issue is pure gold. Though I am not sure Peter agrees with my thoughts.

Spider-man is dreaming that he is naked in high school. I have had some weird dreams where people from high school there but nothing like this. So Peter thinks he is just having a horrible dream, but things become much worse when Deadpool shows up and starts shooting people. According to Deadpool, someone is trying to access Spider-man’s mind and we don’t want that to happen. So Deadpool has been sent in to save the day! Together they must go through the different dream levels to escape his dream! This should be fun and in no way scaring for Peter.

Now the comic plays out just like you would think it would. Deadpool is down right insane and has a crush on Spider-man and Peter is worried that he might get killed along the way. Having your life or mind in Deadpool’s hands is not always a comfortable feeling. They get attacked by a group of R.P.G. kids which is pretty interesting to see. And even though it is a dream, Spider-man says no to just shooting people.

Dream level two sends them to shop class. All I can say that when you are in a dream and getting attacked in high school, shop class can not be a safe place to go. I was waiting to see Deadpool to start sawing people into bits! Sadly he just makes corn holders. Now if you thought the past dream levels were good. Wait until you see dream level one! This is something I could see more of…Spider-man and Deadpool find them in a Breakfast Club parody. Now Spider-man can finally wake up and things will get a bit less crazy! Wrong. So wrong.

Spider-man does wake up but Deadpool might have been bending the truth. Someone was accessing his mind, but it was Deadpool. He used him to help break into a prison to break someone out! This takes place before Deadpool #50 so Deadpool is still looking for a way to die. The guy inside says he knows a way. Remember when I talked about things being less crazy? Well I was wrong because they just busted out Hypno Hustler out of prison.

Now my review won’t do this issue justice for a simple reason. There is so much to see in the comic has the jump through different dream levels that just make this issue fantastic. Even if you don’t feel like you want to read it, flip through it if you see it at a comic book story. Just looking at it might change your mind. I wish I had the whole comic as wallpaper around my room.

Next issue also has Deadpool in it so I can not wait! It is going to be awesome!


3 Responses to “Best nightmare ever: A review of Avenging Spider-man #12”

  1. I thought this was OK, but one of the weaker issues of the series. Deadpool was strictly OK here – not as bad as Way’s take, but still not particularly great. The dream levels were pretty cool. Still, this didn’t really do a whole lot for me.

    • I can see what you mean. Deadpool is pretty toned back in this issue.

      • I think I’m just sick of wild’n’wacky Deadpool. I first became aware of him through the Joe Kelly ongoing in the late ’90s, where he could balance humour and drama. Remender’s done a great job with Deadpool over in Uncanny X-Force, once again balancing the comedy and drama. Which makes Deadpool’s appearances elsewhere even weaker.

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