Review of the Walking Dead #102

“Glenn was just…so good.”

***Contains Spoilers***

Things are not looking good for Rick and the gang. When are they ever? Even their best days aren’t very good. Yet they keep on going and I suppose you have to admire that. S you may recall from the last couple of issues shit has officially gotten real and thrown itself into a large industrial strength fan. Rick has bitten off more than he can chew with telling Hilltop that he would protect them from Negan. Negan has proven this by bashing in Glenn’s head with Lucille(a barbed wire covered baseball bat). I bet he wishes he could go back to the days when all he had to worry about was Zombies and finding food.

While Negan ambushed Rick he also sent a force to attack Andrea and the rest of the community. Fortunatly they held with no casualties. They even managed to get a prisoner. A prisoner that ANdrea is more than happy to beat interrogate. Rick stops her and tells her that he has no idea what to do next. Rick has been in charge of the group since Atlanta with no real breaks, well no relaxing breaks. He is out numbered, out gunned, and he has little time to think of a plan.

Everyone is on edge. Andrea and Carl are full of rage and a thirst for vengenge. Heath seems withdrawn and depressed. Machonne is just tired of fighting. EUgene tells Rick his plan to make bullets, he is one of the few people that seems excited. People really get mad when Rick unviels his master plan; give up.

Andrea is, of course the most vocal about Rick’s plan. No one else seems happy about it. Rick lets the prisoner go and tells everyone they will give in to Negan’s demands, because it is the only way he sees they can survive. He is admitting defeat. Negan has too many men and they are too well equipped and organized. As the prisoner walks away he has a satisfied smirk on his face.

Little does he know that Rick has no intention of giving up. Rick and Jesus planned this out. Jesus knows the area really well. He is going to follow the prisoner back to Negan’s camp, learn it’s location and as much as he can about the operation. That is the real plan.

I have to admit for most of this issue I was a little pissed at Rick. I really did believe he was giving up. I mean look at what he has been through in the past 102 issues. He has fought Zombies, cannibals, dictators and other survivors. He has lost his wife, his hand and more friends than I care to count. Every man has his breaking point. I figured that Rick Grimes had hit his, but then on that last page Kirkman shows us that Rick still as some fight left in him.

I am curious to see more of Negan’s operation. We know he has at least 100 men or so under his command. We know they have vehicles and a variety of weapons. I think the key is weapons. Remember that the ZOmbie apocalypse has been going on for I would estimate a year and a half to two years. Hilltop has no bullets(they guard the gate with spears), Rick and his group are running really low. It could be that Negan doesn’t have a lot of bullets either. I went back and checked you rarely see one of Negan’s guys with a gun. They used an arrow to kill Abraham, when they abushed Rick and killed Glenn I only saw one guy with a gun and he fired it once for dramatic effect. If Eugene can get his bullet manufacturing up it could really tip the balance of power. a dozen people with guns can easily defend against 100 guys with clubs and other melee weapons. It is also possible that Negan is hold up somewhere that has a vulnerability. Maybe it can be easily flooded or there is a hidden back door. Or Negan lives in an armory and keeps his guns at home for defense. Who knows, either could be true?

This was another great issue by Kirkman. I am pretty excited to see where this goes. I am always pulling for Rick and Carl.


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