The best things do come in threes: A review of Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4

Cubes are all over the world and no one, not even the Doctor, knows why. But have no fear! The Ponds and Brian Williams are on the case!

Post contains spoilers

So here we are again. Another Saturday means another episode of Doctor Who. This episode hits close to him, meaning they aren’t running around on some strange star on the other side of the universe but most of the time it takes place in the home of the Pond and Earth. It is a nice change of pace from the last three episodes but don’t let your guard down. Thing episode will destroy your heart and hurt your feelings.

Here is a quick summary of the episode. Over night strange cubes come to Earth. But they are just cubes, no one knows what they are or what they do, not even the Doctor. Unit makes an appearance in this episode led by Kate Stewart, daughter of the Brigadier who was a popular character in Classic Who. Even together with Unit the Doctor is clueless about the cubes and he doesn’t like that. He leaves them for almost a year and there is no change in the cubes. He finally comes back for the wedding anniversary of the Ponds. He takes them on a quick trip that ends up being seven weeks long. Brian notices and talks to the Doctor about it. The viewers know that the next episode will be the end for the Ponds and that is clear in this episode.

This episode has a heavy theme of Amy and Rory talking about their two different lives and how they are becoming harder and harder to balance. It is not that they do not enjoy their travels with the Doctor but they enjoy the lives they have. Around a year after the cubes landed they start to become active. The real problem is that there is no pattern to how they act. Each cube does something else. While trying to figure it all out, the cubes start a count down. Starting from seven they count down and when they hit zero..nothing happens! Well at least at first. A few seconds after one of the Doctor’s hearts stops and soon around the world people drop dead from heart attacks. They are finally able to trace the energy let out of the cubes.

There are seven points that the energy is coming from and the closest in the hospital that Rory works at. The Doctor and Amy rush to find Rory and Brian and save the day. The people or things behind this end up being the Shakri, something that the Doctor thought were a myth. They are pretty much pest control and they see the humans as a plague. They are going to kill them before they can spread to the stars. The Doctor or course is able to stop the second wave of attacks and use the cubes to restart people’s hearts and everyone lives! As the Doctor gets ready to leave, he tells the Ponds it is okay if they are thinking about stopping. Then Brian tells them they would be crazy to stop, they should go see the stars. Brian is invited to come along but someone must water the plants.

This episode wasn’t as dark as the past three which was a nice break. It seems that the Doctor might have got his mercy back after last weeks episode. By all standards this might be my favorite episode so far. All the characters have fantastic moments and the talks between the Doctor and Amy will melt your heart. The Doctor isn’t running away anymore, he is running back to the Ponds. But this episode makes next week hurt so much more.

We know that next week is the exit of the Ponds. Next week we have Weeping Angels and that is never a good thing. This is also the first time we will see River in this season. So the Pond family is back together with the Doctor, River, and the Ponds. Personal I would have loved to see Brian met River. “Oh hey dad, her is your granddaughter you might have known her as our friend Mel” That would have been great. Also I really hope that Brian comes back some how somewhere. Mark Williams does such a fantastic job as Rory’s father I am sad we only got to see him in two episodes.

One Response to “The best things do come in threes: A review of Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4”

  1. This was a great episode. I liked how the Doctor explained that he is not running away from things he is running to them. My favorite part was when he mentioned that time went so fast. He has lived for more than a millenia, but the universe is so vast and ever changing that even with a time machine no one could ever see it all.

    I will be sad to see the Pond’s go, hopefully they can pop back again(Rose and Martha did, hell even Sara Jane made a couple appearences after her time as a companion).

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