Welcome back to Pandora: A look at Borderlands 2

I recently finished the story of Borderlands 2 and I was playing around with the idea of reviewing it. Most of the times with games I like to try a few more things out before putting down my thoughts but I know with MoP coming out tomorrow, if I don’t do it now I won’t get it done. And you guys need to know about this game.

Post contains minor spoilers

Now I have already seen good and bad reviews for Borderlands 2 and both of them make good points. Personally I loved the game I will be putting more time into it and picking up the DLCs when they come out.

As far as the game play goes, it is just like Borderlands but bigger and badder. A lot of the game is still shooting the crap out of people and getting way too much enjoyment out of it. While the game play is more or less just like the first Borderlands there are so different aspects about it. There are a lot of new types of enemies that you encounter in the game and a lot of enemies that return. You see a lot of old gun companies still around but some of them are slightly different from how they worked in the first game.

I haven’t got a chance to play around with all the classes but I beat the game as a Commando and have started to play a Siren. While both are fun and I have heard good things about the other two classes. They are for the most part copies from Borderlands 1. The Commando is like the soldier and his skill is even a turret. We have another Siren but her skill is different. The assassin is like the hunter but can stealth. The Gunzerker is the Berserker but with guns. So while they have differences they have strong relations to the classes of the first Borderlands.

The story starts out the same with you running into Claptrap and being contacted by the Guardian Angel and for a long time it seems the same simply story from the first one. But after a while the story takes a turn and they really do build upon the whole world of Pandora and the story of both this game and the first Borderlands. I remember playing with a friend early on and we were talking about while we enjoyed the game the story was more or less the same. But after a while and I goth farther along in the main story it became a lot more than just finding and opening the vault.

Now I have heard some people complain about this, but personally it is my favorite part. The characters and the humor. If nothing else the people who worked on Borderlands 2 were spot on when it came to their characters. A lot of the NPCs you come across are old faces and even some new ones but all of them had me roaring with laughter. Even the NPCs you kill are a lot more vocal in this game and say a lot more different things. Please if you do pick up Borderlands 2, listen to what everyone has to say. You won’t regret it.

The game comes with a few new features too. You are able to customize your character with different head styles and color patterns. There is also a “Badass Ranking System” that lets you upgrade your character. While you gain ranks from completing different in-game challenges like killing so many people with a pistol, you will level your Badass Rank. As your rank goes up you will gain coins to spend on upgrades. The nice thing is that these upgrades apply to all your characters. So for me who almost has a Badass Rank of 6k, my next character will have some nice bonuses.

The one thing I felt was missing and I hope they add more in DLCs is vehicles. You have access to two different cars in Borderlands 2 but I wish there was more still. I think it was the Secret Armory of General Knoxx from the first game that added two or three new vehicles and I loved it.

If you enjoy shooting the crap out of people or enjoyed the first Borderlands I would say buy Borderlands 2. I have had tons of fun with it and I plan on putting even more time into it. And it is one of those games were things get crazy the more people you have in the game. My friends are still catching up but in a full four person game. Things get all kinds of crazy!


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