Rise of the Red Robin: A review of Teen Titans #0

Teen Titans #0 focuses on the story of Tim Drake becoming Red Robin. It is a pretty cool issue and is told from the point of view of Bruce.

Post contains spoilers

Now first I want to address this. Tim was never “Robin” DC has changed this already even though early issues of the New 52 called him a former Robin. They made different bullshit excuses for this. However, he was still Batman’s partner and fought crime side by side. In the New 52 he has just always been Red Robin. A change that does nothing at all but they did for some reason.

Now apart from DC being stupid this issue is actually pretty cool. Bruce spends a lot of the issue comparing Tim to Dick and Jason. While they each brought something to the table, Tim was different. Along before Tim even met Batman and became Red Robin he was striving to be the best at everything he could. Not to mention he had something other Robins and Bruce were missing, parents.

Now Tim didn’t just have parents. His parents were his life. They praised him and one of the things that drove Tim so much to excel at everything was that he wanted to living up to the pride his parents had in him. However, there was something that Tim kept from his parents, the fact that he was working day and night to find out who Batman really was. He was getting so close that Bruce set up a false trail on who Batman was just so he could met Tim and talk to him face to face.

Tim was not just doing this for kicks. He wanted to help Batman. Like Alfred he had started to see a part of Batman missing since the last Robin and disappeared. Tim wanted to fill that slot for Batman. Even after their meeting Tim did not cave. He continued digging for who Batman was and what happened to the last Robin. Bruce thought he might have finally got through to Tim until one night when he returned to the cave to hear the news.

As Bruce came back to the cave, Alfred tells him that Tim has hacked in the Penguins funds and stolen hundred million dollars out of the account and gave it to the poor. Thankfully Batman is able to stop the Penguin’s men and save Tim and his parents but at a price. They will have to go into witness protection. However, Tim does get what he wanted all along. With Tim’s parents leave, Batman promises to look out for Tim and takes him home. In a heartwarming moment Tim confesses to his parents that he got caught up in the moment and just wanted to do something in his life worthy of the two of them.

When he finally gets to the cave he turns down wearing Jason’s old costume and makes his own. It is clear that while he is under Bruce’s wing, Tim was going to make his own fate and future and nothing could stop him.

This issue does a beautiful job of showing just who Tim is. He might be a little full of himself but his drive is incredible. He is also very different from Dick and Jason but in a lot of ways similar. Bruce thinks that Jason and Tim would get along and in the future they do. Now from what I have seen from Tim in the New 52 it is clear that he has come a long way and grown. He also makes the point of being Bruce’s partner, not a sidekick.

So he might have always been Red Robin in the New 52 universe, but he is still a badass.


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