So long Pond: A review of Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 5

The time has finally come to say goodbye to Amy and Rory. They have been traveling with the Doctor for a long time now and they have been the only companions that Eleven has had. While it was heartbreaking to say goodbye to them, I will say that for me it was not as bad as I thought it would.

Post contains spoilers

So the moment is finally here. I don’t know exactly how long the fandom has been fearing this moment but it feels like a lifetime. Now for me personally, the Ponds are my favorite companions of New Who. That is not to say that I disliked any other companions but Amy and Rory were something different. I really enjoyed there adventures and the relationship that the Doctor has with both Amy and Rory.

Due to the nature of this episode there is a lot of jumping back and forth in time. For the most part this episode takes place in New York City( Manhattan) during 2012 and 1938. The Doctor, Amy, and Rory seem to be relaxing in New York, maybe just taking a break from saving worlds. Things get a bit crazy when Rory goes off to get coffee. While he is gone the Doctor and Amy realize that the book the Doctor is reading has Rory in it. At that same moment, Rory finds himself in 1938 next to River.

The Doctor and Amy scrabble to find a way to get Rory back but it is not as easy as it would seem. There is so much time energy in 1938 that they bounce right off it. With a quick trip back to China the Doctor is able to send a message back to River who is able to set up a sort of “landing lights” for the Doctor to lock on to. In 1938 Rory and River are taken to the home of a Mr. Grayle. He was seen in the beginning of the episode talking to a man about living and moving statues. Mr. Grayle sends Rory into a cellar full of “baby angels” and takes River for questioning.

Before anything really bad can happen, the Doctor and Amy are able to land in 1938 and help the others. Now that is it clear that the book is telling the events of this night, the Doctor tells them they can not read ahead. Once you have read something it will become true. However, Amy suggests that they might get some help if they look at the chapter titles. As she goes off to look for Rory, the Doctor sees the final chapter is Amy’s goodbye. He starts to freak and get angry and River can tell something is up.

I want to talk a second about how scary that scene was for me. Coming into this episode we knew it was the Pond’s goodbye. What we didn’t know is how they would leave. Would they be killed? Would they get mad at the Doctor and tell him to go away? There were countless ways they could have gone and I think that is one of the things that worried the Fandom so much. We have already had the painful exit of Rose and Donna. Could we really handle another one?

When looking for Rory they find that the baby angels have moved him in space but not in time. Meaning he is still in 1938 just not there. They start working on a way to find Rory’s location and hopefully get everyone out alive. They eventually find Rory in a place called Winter Quay. The first man who Grayle hired went there and was jumped by angels so you kind of knew what was coming. However Rory does not get far before he runs into the others who get there just in time for a truly heartbreaking moment.

Once the four of them are together again they realize they are not alone. An old many in the other room realizes who Amy is and starts calling out for her and it soon becomes clear who this dying old man is. The man in the bed is Rory who was sent back for the angels to feed on. The Doctor and River start putting the pieces together. The angel basically have control over Manhattan and they keep you in Winter Quay under lock down to make sure they can feed off you. It has basically become a feeding farm for them. But they can not lose hope now.

They come to one crazy plan. If Rory can escape, that means he will not be sent back to die. If he is not there to die, it will create a paradox. With the angels feeding off time energy, a paradox would poison them and all of this would never have happened. It is a wild card play but they have no other choice. Amy and Rory run, but they once they get to the roof they run out of places to go. Rory notes there is not a way down but there is a way out.

Amy realizes that he means to jump off the building to kill himself. If he dies there he can not be sent back to die later. Amy does not like this plan but finally gives in only if she jumps with them. If the paradox works then this will have never happened meaning they wouldn’t have died. They jump right as the Doctor and River get to the roof. The paradox starts and with a flash they all wake up in 2012.

Now this should have been the end, they should have all gotten right in the Tardis and flew off but something caught Rory’s eye. He sees a grave with his name on it with no date and Amy comes to look right as an angel sends Rory away. It seems that one angel has lived through the paradox and won’t go down without a fight. The Doctor tries to tell Amy they have no way to save him but Amy has another idea. She could get sent back too. The Doctor hates this plan but Amy is sent on it. If she has a chance to grow old with Rory she will take it. With that she lets the angel take her and the Doctor loses the Ponds.

It is Amy who publishes the book the Doctor had and she leaves him a goodbye message at the end. With the energy from the paradox he is unable to go back to New York and see them and he can not save them. River and the Doctor leave in the Tardis and we are left to weep until the Christmas episode.

So while it was heartbreaking to see Amy and Rory go, at least they did not die and lived a happy life. I also want to take a second and talk about the angels. Now when they were first seen in Blink, there were terrifying. But I feel as they kept coming back they became less terrifying. One of the reason I felt this way is because they are unclear on how looking at them works. In Blink you are looking at an angel they can’t move but in later episodes angels move in packs and shouldn’t they not be able to since they are in each others line of vision?

Also I saw people talking about the Statue of Liberty not begin made of stone. Well forget that how can you tell me that no one in New York was looking at it. Someone had to have had eyes on it. So do you have to directly look at an angel to stop it? Or does it simple have to be in your line of vision.

Regardless it was a fantastic episode and I was really sad to see the Ponds leave. Hopefully we will see Brian Williams come back and we always have River.

One Response to “So long Pond: A review of Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 5”

  1. I agree on the Statue of Liberty thing. Even if there are moments where NO ONE at all is looking at the Statue(which is hard to believe because even at night it is visible from several bridges and buildings) are you telling me that those moments are long enough so that the statue can run across the water, onto Manhattan and stand next to a building and go all the way back with no one seeing it. Because once ONE guy say the statue of liberty anywhere but on it’s pedestal on liberty island I guarantee he would not keep it to himself or be quiet about it.

    Other than that I thought it was a great episode. The baby angels were just creepy, I think it was the laughter.

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