Return from Purgatory: A review of Supernatural Season 8 Episode 1

Over the past year I have not only been getting into comics but also a number of different t.v. shows. One of them was Supernatural and I almost started reviewing it last season but didn’t want to start mid-season when I finally caught up to it. But now season 8 is here and I will be reviewing Supernatural each week.

Post contains spoilers

Now for those who don’t know what Supernatural is, it is basically a show about two brothers that go out and kill things that go bump in the night. In more recent seasons they have battled things like angels and ancient beings that were trapped in Purgatory. At the end of last season that characters of Dean and Cas were caught in a blast and sent to Purgatory. This season starts with Dean returning to the land of the living and we will find out more about his time in Purgatory in flashbacks.

It has been a year since Dean first went to Purgatory and he does not come back alone. He comes back with a vampire named Benny who he seemed to befriend in Purgatory. We later find out that Benny is the one that told Dean there was  a way out of Purgatory. Dean comes back to find his brother Sam has stopped hunting and over the past year has just been living a normal life. At the end of last season Sam was left pretty much all on his own and for the first time in a long time he had no one to turn to. We know that there was a girl who Sam was with over the past year. It is a little unclear if he end things with her when he went to Dean but that is what he tells Dean.

It doesn’t take the brothers long to find work. Dean starts going through messages on Sam’s old phones and finds multiple messages from Kevin, a boy introduced last season. Kevin is a prophet that is able to read the “word of God” which just looks like stone tablets. Last season Kevin read one to find out how to kill the seasons villains, the Leviathans. Now it seems that Crowley, the King of Hell, has found another one. However Kevin escaped Crowley and has been looking for help since.

Dean and Sam hit the road to look for Kevin and eventually find him. The news he brings is incredibly good and it seems the Word of God Crowley had talked about demons. It also told of a way to seal the gates of Hell forever and banish all demons back there. Now if you have watched the past seven seasons you know that demons have been screwing with Dean and Sam before Sam could even walk. Not to mention without demons they would have a lot less work to do. However while they are with Kevin, Crowley shows up. The three are able to get away but they are all kind of shaken. The episode ends with Benny calling Dean, but Dean asks him to stay away for a while, something happened in Purgatory and Dean won’t tell Sam.

So there you have it, we have a plot for the season. Sam and Dean will work on closing the Gates of Hell. The real question on the fandoms mind though is where is the character of Cas. In side the fandom that shipping pair of Dean/Cas is huge. Now while I don’t get into it, you can’t deny that they two have a incredible bound. But Cas did not come back with Dean. We know that the portal from Purgatory only worked for humans and Benny had to be brought back from the other side. Some different rumors and theories about Cas have already started to pop up but we won’t likely know the truth for some time.

I am not sure how I feel about the whole flashback aspect set up for the season. In this episode we also had a few flashbacks that were Sam’s showing him over the past year. I understand why they have to do it that way but I just want to see what went down in Purgatory. But I guess I will have to wait.


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