Review of Gambit #3

“Okay, that was equal parts horrible and ambarassing.”

***Contains Spoilers***

Well, Remy is now teamed up with the mysterious chick who he doesn’t trust, going into the jungles of Guatemala to see what he can learn about the little scarab that has latched onto him. Typical third date for Gambit. Gambit is a thief by nature so he is used to not trusting people. It took him awhile to trust Rogue, Logan and the other X-Men. Using the map that she stole form the Museum, they find their way to a mostly buried temple. A temple that seems to be guarded by a huge swarm of spiders. When I say huge swarm I want to you to Imagine the spiders attacking Harry and Ron in Chamber of Secrets. Got it pictured? Now multiply it by 100. That’s right a huge swarm coming right at them, did I mention our mystery lady is extremely Arachnophobic?

A big exploding rock later(courtesy of Gambit) and they find themselves inside the temple ruins. Now for the bad news the map doesn’t show the vast chambers they find themselves in and the more bad news is that it seems Gambit’s little bug friend is sapping his strength. The good news is that the scarab is showing Gambit the way the need to go(or the way it wants them to go). They activate a lift that lowers them deeper down where they are attacked by several claw things(think the inside of Unicron in the Transformers Animated movie). Gambit feels his powers become supercharged and they are able to fight through. Of course, once they are safe he is back to feeling drained again.

They come to a glowing altar that has the scarab’s partner. Remy drops to the ground and the scarab jumps off of him and scurries up to the altar and merges witht the other. Mystery girl explains that she is doing this to access the “power of the gods” in order to set things right and take control of her life. AS the two parts merge and glow they look up too see that maybe it is not delivering the “power of the god” but the Gods themselves.

Dragons. They look up and see dragons and what look to be several moons. So I am assuming that the scarabs are alien in origin, based on the tech inside the temple and the extra moons. So, it would seem that Gambit has inadvertently summoned alien dragons(where is Lockheed when you need him). Now it is entirely possible that these are nice dragons that want nothing more than to bring knowledge and friendship to the human race. Possible, but not fricking likely. More than likely they will want to destroy and consume everything in their path. Unfortunately the first thing in their path is Gambit. Not really sure how our crafty Cajun is going to get out of this one.

More excellent art in this issue, Remy comntinues to be the flirty, thief we all know and love. His mystery woman is still a mystery. It is clear that she is trying to “fix” her life somehow, but we still don’t know what she did or had done to her that needs to be “set right”. DO not take the fact that I am late reviewing this as an indicator that I did not read it when it came out and that I did not enjoy it. I am indeed enjoying this new run of Gambit and look forward to reading more.

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