From the ashes: A review of Avengers Vs X-men #12

The end is finally here and it is Cyclops vs the world! Who will come out the victor and how will it impact the Marvel universe in the coming future!

Post contains spoilers

Last issue ended with Cyclops becoming Dark Phoenix and killing Charles Xavier. Before we get to see what happened after that, we have to see what happened before. Seventy-two hours ago before the Avenger and X-men made their finally attack. After Hope punched Cyclops to the Moon, it became clear that her and Scarlet Witch were the key to ending all of this. Scarlet Witch’s chaos magic has been able to hurt the phoenix so far plus with Hope coping her power along with her Iron Fist training makes them a deadly team. But the key is getting them to work together.

As Tony and Captain America go to find them to talk about the new plan they find the two fighting. Hope blames Scarlet Witch for this whole thing, which in a way was her fault. But that is not the point here. They need to fight together to end this. They do agree to put things aside and finish this. But Captain America worries about what comes after. Even if the can stop Cyclops the phoenix still has to go somewhere.

Back in the present Captain America sees their opening and sends Scarlet Witch and Hope into the battle. Now there is a lot of fighting going on and I don’t want to tell you EVERYTHING, but they kick Cyclops’ ass, bad. But people’s worst fear start to come back when the phoenix flies into Hope. All eyes are on her as she flies off. They start to fear that they traded one phoenix for another.

But as Iron Man chases after her they start to see that she is healing the planet. When Cyclops became Dark Phoenix the planet started to rip apart and Hope is flying around making things right. As she comes back she claims to be the White Phoenix and she knows what must be done. However, it is Scarlet Witch who brings her back from the edge. She admits that this whole thing traces back to her and she needs Hope’s help to end it. While it is true the Hope was meant to become the phoenix it was not to wield its power but to let it go. Finish the phoenix for good.

But then something else happens, as Hope lets the power go it spreads across the world and countless new mutants are made. Spider-man even saw a girl in China grow wings! Even with that the world can finally take a breath. While it will take time to clean up and even more time to heal some of the wounds, it is over. Cyclops is locked up and some of the higher up X-men are on the run. They still have to answer for what has happened. Captain America even admits that he needs to do more for mutants.

It shows us how far things have come from that first fight on the beaches of Utopia. But while the world is safe again, some of these wounds may never heal and Charles Xavier is still dead.

Overall I really enjoyed Avengers Vs X-men. I felt some of the Verses issues could have been better(which is why I didn’t review them all) However if you enjoyed AvX, make sure to pick up AvX VS #6. I am not reviewing it but it is fantastic. My only real problem with AvX was that I felt you couldn’t really be for the X-men. I mean at the start it could go both ways but early on they were branded the bad guys. I don’t know but I was team Avengers the whole time, I think Cyclops is an ass.

I am also looking forward to what comes out of this issue. We have things like Uncanny Avengers(Because we need another Avenger book) and AvX: Consequences!


3 Responses to “From the ashes: A review of Avengers Vs X-men #12”

  1. You mean Xavier is dead again until they need him. I don’t think this will stick any more than any other of his his deaths.

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