Review of Earth 2 #5

“Stupid man, I’ve been dead all along.”

***Contains Spoilers***

You know what I love about Earth 2? It is an example of what the New 52 should have been. I will explain what I mean by that. Earth 2 basically started over from scratch. They kept a lot of the same characters, but reset them ALL to zero. If you have never heard of Wesley Dodds, Alan Scott or Al Pratt you won’t be at a loss, because they are introducing everyone in a new and different light. What helps them also avoid confusing continuity errors is that this is currently it is the only book that takes place on Earth 2.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have Sandman. This issue is his first appearance and it is brief. He is a Canadian superhero(or wonder as the are called on this Earth) who works for the World Army. He leads his Sandmen and was responsible for evacuating the President. We also meet Khan, the Commander of Sentinel(World Army Intelligence). He is trying to contain the Grundy situation, but the World Council wants to drop in a nuke to stop Grundy. Khan tries to convince them that Captain Pratt can handle it.

Pratt, indeed, thinks he has it handled. He has knocked Grundy down(he thinks permanently) and swatted away Green Lantern. Flash is able to knock him down but he gets right back up. He is trying to arrest them when the dead vines grab him and Grundy rises. Al is cocooned in the dead vines. Here comes Alan to take charge. He tells Hawkgirl and Flash to get Atom out while he handles Grundy. They easily free him, since he shrank down to normal human size.

Back at Sentinel HQ Khan is told that he is being sent a new adviser, Terry Sloan. Khan of course move to have him arrested but is ordered to work with him. Sloan suggests a tactical nuclear strike, as Khan says at least the man is consistent. Khan is enraged to find out that this is no mere suggestion, it’s already been done, the nukes are on their way.

Alan is able to smash Grundy into peices long enough to tell the others his crazy plan. Atom tries to argue that he should be in charge but that doesn’t last long. Alan’s plan is to use his connection with the Green and combat the Grey on another level. The only problem s that while he is doing this he will be vulnerable. It is up the others to protect him from Grundy while he tries to stop the Grey. They agree and Alan uses his new powers to talk to the Grey. The grey is trying to kill everything so that the world can be started over. The Grey asks Alan to join it and in exchange offers him Sam, his dead lover.

Well, damn. We have Hawkgirl, Atom and Flash trying to stop Grundy from killing Green Lantern. Green Lantern is trying to resist temptation and figure out a way to stop the Grey. To make matters worse there are several nuclear missiles heading towards them all. I’m excited to see them get out of this one.

Speaking of excited, I am glad to see that Sandman is here on Earth 2, his powers seem slightly different, I like the new look and I am o.k. with him being Canadian. I also like Alan’s take charge attitude. He is very much the alpha male and is even able to make the Atom fall in line. Of course, like Khan, I do not trust Terry Sloan. I think it would be interesting, down the road, to have a Alan Scott/Swamp Thing Crossover. I know James agrees with me.


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