Hot damn, Mrs. Tran: A review of Supernatural Season 8 episode 2

Last week we left Kevin and the Winchesters in a bad spot. While they had Kevin with them, his girlfriend paid the price. Now that they are gunning for the Word of God, Kevin wants to finally go back home and look for his mom. Get ready world for Mrs. Tran!

Post contains spoilers

Now Mrs. Tran was not what I expected at all. I have been avoiding the internet because I only just watched the episode but I can only assume that people loved her. I mean last episode I saw a huge wave of Kevin fans and his mom is just as awesome if not more. When Kevin first suggests going to see his mom, not everyone is one board with the idea. Dean knows that the house will be crawling with demons but Kevin insists on going anyways.

When they get there it becomes clear that the whole place is in fact crawling with demons and instead of just leaving, the Winchesters go to work. After filling in Kevin’s mom on what is happening and where Kevin has been this past year something happens that I don’t think anyone saw coming. Mrs. Tran demands that she comes with them and not be left in some safe house. Even though Dean tells her no, there isn’t much they can do and Mrs. Tran joins the group.

The work down on tracking the tablet which is not where Kevin left it. During their search they are invited to an auction but it not your every day type of auction. This is a supernatural auction and as a prophet of the lord, Kevin is invited. They are told it will be completely safe and nothing will happen to Kevin while he is there. They go and plan to read the tablet while it is on display but that plan fails when it is covered. It make things worse Crowley is also there and he REALLY wants that tablet.

In the end, Mrs. Tran is the one to win them the tablet. She offers up her own soul as the bid when they are tricked and Kevin is added to the deal. I totally called that someone was going to offer a soul by the way. While no one is happy about this, nothing else could be done, Crowley was in a bidding war with an angel and Crowley had just bid the moon. Yes, the actually moon. So while things are crappy it is sort of win. Until there is a twist. When alone, Crowley is able to posses Mrs. Tran and makes a break for it with the tablet.

When Dean chases down Crowley, Sam and Kevin are left to deal with some thugs. Now I only mention this because Sam fights them using Thor’s Hammer which was totally badass. He even threw it at the guy who bought it for killing a virgin(He bought it using 5/8 of a virgin) Dean is about to gank Crowley as Kevin comes in and Dean falters for a second. Crowley jumps ship and manages to leave with the tablet. To make things worse Kevin’s mom seems fried, she just sits there. It seems the ride with Crowley really worked her but there is nothing they can do for her. Dean tries to give a speech but Kevin won’t here it and asks to be left alone.

After awhile Sam and Dean go to check on Kevin and he has gone. Now I don’t know why they didn’t go after him, he could not have gotten far with how his mom was. But without the tablet, Kevin feels he is not needed. Now it was only a matter of time before something like this happened, I mean we have a whole season to cover! Sadly, Sam and Dean are back at square one.

We also finally see Cas! Well it is a flashback but we do get to see him. We find out that he left Dean when they first got to Purgatory to try to keep him safe. Apparently the Leviathans are after him. He has been trying to keep them away from Dean. However, Dean has said it before and he has said it again, he will not leave without Cas. They tell Cas about the way out and even though they don’t know if it will work for Cas, Dean will carry him if he has too. However we know that Cas did not make it to planet side and the mystery of his end is still there. We do see a flashback of him calling for Dean and reaching out. It looked like he was possibly being dragged or pulled away. I will say that fear was in Cas’ eyes so whatever it was it is not good.

Also we know that Dean’s time in Purgatory had huge impacts on him. That is more clear in this episode. He lashes out at people treating them like the monsters he fought for a year. I don’t think that is something that Sam realizes right now. In past season there have been times where hunting has gotten to Sam, Dean, or someone around them. It is a dangerous gig and leaves you with some messed up memories. Now that is just from job to job. Dean was hunting for a year straight. And it was not little jobs like a wishing well that works. He is fighting all the monsters, some of which he might have put there. He is used to killing to get things done. Whether it is information or just to live.

I also want to take time to mention that I don’t think Sam kept Thor’s Hammer which is the stupidest thing ever. I want to see him chuck it at someone again.

2 Responses to “Hot damn, Mrs. Tran: A review of Supernatural Season 8 episode 2”

  1. I loved this episode of Supernatural! It was amazing in every sense, especially with Sam’s Hammer of Thor! Although, I would’ve liked to see him keep it, he was probably scared to. This is such a great show that has the most amazing storylines, and I love it! I finally got my coworkers at DISH to start watching it, but they still need to finish catching up before they can watch the new season. Thankfully, for them, I am going to record every episode with my Hopper so that they can watch the entire season after they do. This should be such an incredible season, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

    • skychaserr Says:

      I agree, I think this season is off the a great start. With a whole year in Purgatory missing it really leaves you at the edge of your seat wondering what you will find out next.

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