Need more Spider-Pool: A review of Avenging Spider-man #13

Personally one of my favorite titles with one of my favorite dream teams. These two really need to live together or have some kind of buddy book. OR A BUDDY COP MOVIE! I just want a lot of things.

Post contains spoilers

I was so happy that this issue came out. Issue #12 was so good I really couldn’t wait for this one. I mean if you don’t like this team up I need you to leave. But really, another great Avenging Spider-man issue with a nice side serving of Deadpool. Plus you get who ever Hypno-Hustler is. Now to recap, Spider-man thought he was sleeping and Deadpool was helping him wake up. But what actually happened was Deadpool teamed up with Hypno-Hustler to get his help to kill him. To break him out they used Spider-man. Now that the deed is done, Spider-man is not very happy.

He tries to end things but he is still under H.H.’s influence not to mention he has Deadpool shooting at him. Spider-Man gets out of the cell to give himself some space but H.H. has made it so he sees the people in the prison as his worst nightmare. Should be fun right? Now Spider-man finds out what his greatest nightmares are, it is ever hard hitter he ever had to deal with. He starts to worry until he finds out who they actually are. Turns out this place is where all the C-list and B-list bad guys end up(Which explains why H.H. is there) Once he has that figured out, fighting them doesn’t seem as hard. That is until H.H. uses his powers on Deadpool to kill Spider-man.

Now being Deadpool and being majorly schizophrenic, H.H. only hypnotized only one of him. So while trying to kill Spider-man, Deadpool also fights himself. It is pretty funny to see. Spider-man tries to find out a release word and it seems that Ryan Reynolds works. Pretty crazy huh? That is until Deadpool starts attacking again.

Deadpool returns to the cell to claim his prize from H.H. with a dead Spider-man. Only things are not what they seem. Deadpool and Spider-man changed costumes and take out H.H. Now that the threat is over, Spider-man forgives Deadpool because let’s be honest, people try to kill Spider-man like every day of the week. But he is worried that Deadpool knows his secret identity. When Deadpool explains that they were not actually in his mind and it was just a receiver on Spider-man’s mask. Which Deadpool is wearing.

Now hypnotized, Deadpool sits in a cell doing the Time Warp. It is pretty horrifying to see.

But really Marvel, let’s have more Deadpool and Spider-man.

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