Dealing with the Fallout: A review of AvX: Consequences #1

Now that AvX has come to an end, all over the Marvel universe we are dealing with the fallout and consequences of those events. AvX: Consequences is a five issue series showing us just that.

Post contains spoilers

Now a lot is happening in this issue. We see how the events of AvX impact different people all over the Marvel Universe, both mutants and none. It is not all easy either. As we will see, not everyone is forgiving of mutants, no matter what side they fought on. There is a lot of blame flying around and the world is trying to deal with all the destruction left in the wake of the Phoenix.

Like I was saying, not all mutants are to blame. Unlike the some other young teams like the kids from Utopia and the Avengers Academy who eventually had the option of joining the fight. The Jean Grey school students stayed out of the fight. Not to mention Beast and Wolverine fought for the Avengers from the start. But in times like these if one mutant is to blame all mutants are to blame. As a sign of good faith, Wolverine takes a group of students to Wakanda to help with the recovery efforts. But while trying to land they come under fire. Storm shows up around the same time and provides cover for Wolverine to get away. She explains that while it was Namor who destroyed and attacked Wakanda he did it under a mutant flag. Now no mutant is welcome. Storm was trying to do the same thing but Black Panther has marked her as a war criminal. The once peaceful and loving nation of Wakanda has become hardened by war.

Scott Summers has been the leader of the X-men side of this fight for the whole time so the most blame falls with him. While he went willingly, he still believes that he helped make the world better by what he did. But they do not take him to some fancy prison. Now they use Cyclops to show the people just how in control they are. Now building super prisons gets costly, and with the number of new mutants they have to think of the “what ifs” of the future. So they found a cheaper way of keeping mutant prisons in check. They have found out how the brain activates a mutant’s power and made a shock collar that goes off if it is triggered. A little barbaric but it works. But Cyclops is not even thrown into a special ward or cell. He really is just another prisoner.

On a lighter note not everything is bad. Hope is doing well and is approached by Scarlet Witch and Captain America to talk about her future. She has a lot of options ahead of her and she has the training and qualification for most. She could join the Avengers or S.H.I.E.L.D. or even go to the Jean Grey School. For once in her life, possibly for the first time, it is all up to her. But Hope wants to be normal for once. And after what she did for the world, she deserves that chance.

While Cyclops is in prison, some of the mutants involved are still out there. Iron Man and Captain Marvel head to Mexico where they have some intel on Magneto. However by the time they get there he is long gone. Captain America comes to Wolverine with this problem. The have Emma but warrants are still out for Colossus, Magik, Danger, and Magneto. Cap thinks they might be able to have Cyclops help talk to them and bring them in peacefully. But Logan won’t talk to him, he wants to kill the man. Cap understands but explains that things are going to be tough from here on out. With how easy the remaining mutants have gotten away, people are starting to think someone is working against them. Cap promises that he will try to cover for the school. He wants this to be over as quickly and painless as possible. He just wants the world to move on and be safe for people and mutants.

But Cyclops does end up getting a visitor. It is Wolverine and a few beers.

So like I was saying, all over the Marvel universe people are dealing with the fallout of consequences. I am glad we have this because with something this big you need it. It is funny because Drew and I were talking about fallout and aftermath issues and how sometimes they cause more problems. This talk of course started from talking about the New 52….Got my eye on you DC….


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