Kali Ma! A review of Supernatural Season 8 Episode 3

Sorry I am a little bit behind on this one but I have finally gotten around to watching it. And remember the heart will go on.

Post contains spoilers

Last week ended with Kevin leaving the Winchesters, now Sam and Dean don’t have a lot to go on. The two continue the search for Kevin but keep coming up dry. In time Dean starts looking into work so they can at least do something. Sam isn’t to thrilled to be working and wants to keep searching for Kevin, but we have seen this before in other seasons. When they can’t follow the main case, there is other work to be done.

Dean finds a patterns of people having their hearts ripped out and the brothers head off to start looking. However for a long time they keep hitting dead ends. The attacks have a pattern but they take place in different cities and months apart. It takes a while before they get any kind of lock down but in time they find out that the suspects from each attack received an organ donation from the same person.

This leads them to a home of a former star football player who donated his organs. The question his mother about his odd death but come up with nothing again. It seems each step the get is a step back also. It isn’t until the ask an old contact about a translation that things look up. One of the suspects had been muttering something and after translating it they find out it is an offering to the Mayan God Cacao. Meaning whoever is working this knows their stuff.

With this information the boys go back to the home of the dead athlete and start looking around. Turns out this guy was a lot older than he looked, like hundreds of years older. The requestion his mom, who turned out to actually be his wife. But not in that weird way…she aged and he didn’t so they needed a new story. Anyways the two met back in the 40s and feel in love. But for him to stay youthful, he had to make two sacrifices a year. That was until he could see his wife aging and could not think of life without her and killed himself.

However the deal he made with Cacao lived on his organs. Thus creating the current case. Now the sacrifices focused around the eating of a heart and if the heart was destroyed it should end the spell and the killings will stop. Sounds easy enough right? In the end they gank the heart and can move on.

Now that felt a bit rushed and short but that is because I wanted to focus a little bit more on Sam and Dean from this episode. Since the start of Season 8 it has been clear that Sam hasn’t been completely honest about his year off. And it is nothing bad, I just don’t think he can handle telling Dean how much he enjoyed that year. When the show first started we saw Sam trying to escape the life of hunting but with the death of Jess he was put back in the game. Even when they went to Heaven, Sam’s best memories were those when he had tried running away.

We don’t get any Purgatory flashbacks this episode but we do see more of Sam an Amelia. There is a very nice scene where she runs off in the park and Sam starts to worry. However it turns out she has set up a surprise picnic for his birthday. Sam is so taken back he doesn’t know what to do, he has never had a birthday cake. In this episode we also find out that Sam was looking into going back to school. Sam keeps talking about what he “had” the past year but I am sure Amelia knows he plans on returning.

Same also makes it clear if and when they find Kevin and close the gates of Hell he is done for good. He loves his brother but hunting is not his life anymore. He has finally found something else to live for and has had his first real relationship since Jess. He had that thing with Ruby but I don’t know if sex and demon’s blood are a good and healthy relationship.

So my question is, if and when they close the gate, does that really mean the exit of Sam? Of course something could happen during this season and change Sam’s mind. But I have not looked into if this is the last season or not. I wonder if they would dare continuing the show with just Dean? Unless the bring Cas back and those two travel together and Cas/Dean shippers have a field day.

But really this was a great episode and it got back to hunting at its basics. There was no larger picture or master plan. It was just Sam and Dean hunting things and saving lives. There is nothing wrong with larger picture plots or episodes but sometimes it is nice to just remember the family business.

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