Cat Trouble: A review of Justice League #13

We know that the kiss from issue #12 is the focus point of the the upcoming Trinity War but Justice League isn’t jumping into that event just yet, though we do some sparks. This issue introduces The Cheetah!

Post contains spoilers

As I was saying before, in issue #12 was saw the kiss between Wonder Woman and Superman. Thanks to Booster Gold from the future(no the other future…well he comes back again after coming back? You get it don’t you?) and DC. The Trinity War will be a huge event in 2013 and will ultimately lead to the formation of the Justice League of America, which has a VERY interesting roster. But we are not there just yet, we still have a little bit to go before the event takes place. It is good that we have some time because the Bat-family, the Lantern books, and the Super-family are all having or about to have crossovers. Now five days after the kiss, Wonder Woman finds herself  fighting in Central Park.

While this is the first time the New 52 has seen Cheetah, she has met Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman has been fighting on and off with her for years. Now to give you an idea of what we are dealing with, Cheetah was able to knock out Wonder Woman in a one on one fight. And that worries some of the team. Now Wonder Woman will be fine, but the team still wants to help whether she wants it or not.

While Batman and Aquaman go talk to Steve for more information, the rest of the team tries to convince Wonder Woman to accept their help. Wonder Woman go way back to when she first came to the main land. Barbara Minerva was one of the first friends Wonder Woman made and she quickly became part of her “work”. She would help Steve and Wonder Woman with mythological cases and in time she was even being asked by A.R.G.U.S. to help with the Black Room. However, one day she cut herself on a dagger from a tribe in the Amazon and became possessed and became that Cheetah. Wonder Woman blames herself for what happened.

When Superman asks to talk to Wonder Woman alone, The Flash stops being the Flash and starts being Barry Allen. He wants to know what is going on between them. It seems that the team is slowly falling apart. Cyborg worries what will become of him if that does happen and admits to the Flash that when they are not on missions he just sits up in the Watchtower. He is still conflicted on if he is more machine then human these days. But the Flash lets him know that Vic is still alive and is not some mindless machine. He even tells Cyborg to start calling him Barry.

Wonder Woman finally accepts help, they explain it isn’t because she needs it, it is because they want to help. In time the team heads down to the Congo where the dagger was found. While they are trying to figure out their next move, Cheetah attacks. She is not only strong but also fast, plus they are fighting on her home turf. The interesting part comes when she bites Superman, turning him into a cheetah like her!

I am guessing they somehow are going to find a cure because I don’t see Superman running around as a Cheetah. But I should note that while she claws other members, it is only the bite to Superman that changes him. It is a pretty great issue all around. The scene between Cyborg and Flash was needed. Without Green Lantern around Flash had lost his wingman and Cyborg had always seemed and felt like an outsider of sorts. I also thought it was interesting that Batman and Aquaman went to see Steve. Flash mentions that the two are still fighting on who should run the League. I wonder if they were shown together on purpose or if it was simply because the other characters were needed elsewhere.

Also later Steve Trevor is hanging around a bar thinking about a talk he had earlier in the day. Amanda Waller came and told him that she is going to replace him as the liaison to the League to A.R.G.U.S. Now Steve knows Amanda and isn’t to thrilled about this but there isn’t much he can do but say no to what she says next. She tells him that they still need him alive and working but like I said Steve knows Amanda from their Team 7 days, he won’t do it.

While he is thinking about his day, Steve gets a visit from Oliver Queen while at the bar. Now being Ollie he makes some jokes about how the League doesn’t want to have either of them but he is here on other business. When the League said no to Green Arrow, Steve asked him to keep an eye out for things that might threaten the league. Ollie was fighting with some goon when he dropped some kind of communicator. He grabbed it but was knocked out by something else soon after. He asks Steve about the insignia on the communicator. The both seem to know what it is and Queen says, “The rumors are true”

It is unclear what they are talking about at this point, if the insignia is used from Pre-52 I don’t know it. However, this story will continue in JLA #1 which will be a fourth wave book that won’t be out for some time.


2 Responses to “Cat Trouble: A review of Justice League #13”

  1. The whole continued in JLA #1 thing sort of confused me. They haven’t even announced a date(as far as I have heard and I just checked) for it. At the earliest it would be Jan, which is several months away. I am okay with losing G.I. Combat for JLA, the line up is mostly interesting(never been a fan of Vibe).

    • skychaserr Says:

      I agree, and Karan and I have talked about this before. Like in Catwoman #0 where they have her Bio they say she recently became a member of the JLA. However, it has yet to happen. I feel DC is getting ahead of themselves.

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